UnPacked loads up a Game Boy Color with as many accessories as possible

The end result is a freakish nightmare of accessories that just looks like it's awkward to hold.

Some of you probably remember the heyday of video game accessories. These little gizmos and gadgets that attached to your consoles to provide a new way to play, help make a game more accessible, or sometimes no discernible reason at all. While they’re no longer the market they were in the 80s and 90s, consoles like the Game Boy Color received a number of official (and unofficial) accessories from both Nintendo and third-party companies.

Usually, they’re meant to be used individually or with one or two other specific accessories. But how many could you plug in at once while still having a functioning console? That’s what TikToker UnPacked sought to answer — and they did so by creating a Frankenstein-esque Game Boy Color monstrosity.

The video has gone viral, peaking everyone’s curiosity surrounding the behemoth of a console. Adorned with nicknames like the “FrankenBoy” or “GameMan,” it’s got the Internet in a tizzy right now.

See the video below, courtesy of UnPacked on TikTok:

The Game Boy Color accessories monstrosity

UnPacked plugged in a ton of accessories into their Game Boy Color, both practical and silly ones. Accessories that add a new D-pad and button set, a magnifying glass to increase the screen resolution, a flashlight that helps you see the screen in a low-light situation, and more. While UnPacked does show the console turning on, we don’t get to see a game in action — a shame, as I for one am curious to see how playing something on this thing would look.

This certainly isn’t the first time UnPacked has decked up their Game Boy Color with a bunch of accessories at once. They’ve previously given a decidedly yellow makeover to their GBC console by sticking on a bunch of banana-colored accessories. See more of their work either on TikTok or YouTube.

What do you think of this Game Boy Color accessories nightmare? Let us know!

Via Kotaku.

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