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Two Sonic fan-games teased for SAGE 2020

While SEGA has remained tight-lipped about the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog game currently in development, a pair of Sonic fan-games have just been teased.

Virtua Sonic

Content creator SuperSonic68 has revealed a proof of concept for a Sonic the Hedgehog VR game, dubbed Virtua Sonic. The product is showcased with the HTC VIVE and was created with the intention to “push the boundaries of what sort of experiences are capable in virtual reality, [and] showcasing the potential of the medium as it pertains to high-speed action games.”

The game operates by a series of button presses and hand gestures. By pressing the movement button and swinging your arms, you’ll begin running. Turn your head left or right, and Sonic will head in that direction. Other commands such as Jumping, Rolling, and the Homing Attack also require their own unique hand motions.

Sonic 2020: Episode Shadow of Water

In addition to Virtua Sonic, newcomer BOLT has unleashed the second installment of Sonic 2020: Episode Shadow of Water. The game features Shadow infiltrating a fortified GUN military complex with platforming elements typically found in Modern Sonic gameplay.

In addition to boost abilities, Shadow can tap into his meter to fire off other abilities such as Chaos Blast and Chaos Spear. Sonic 2020 takes a more cinematic approach to it’s game design: packed with completely original cut scenes and voice acting.

It’s exciting to see the fan community pushing the boundaries of what we normally see from small-time developers. We’ve previously covered the ambitious Sonic Freedom project with a gorgeous Toei-inspired art style. SuperSonic68 is a veteran of the fan-game community, being part of the team that brought us Green Hill Paradise. While BOLT is a newer face, they’ve made a splash this year with the first installment of Episode White Jungle.

Virtua Sonic and Sonic 2020 are expected to be part of this year’s Sonic Amateur Games Expo, taking place September 5th-12th.

Christopher Wenzel

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