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Two Point Campus is coming in 2022 – Here’s everything we know so far

Two Point Hospital fans have had a heck of a time with the whacky business simulator. As a spiritual successor to 1997’s Theme Hospital from Bullfrog Studios, Two Point Hospital puts the player in charge of a colorful cast of characters, who must cure a cornucopia of whacky and wild diseases.

After six major DLC packs for Two Point Hospital, fans were eager for the next challenge. In May, a listing for game called Two Point Campus was accidentally leaked on the Microsoft Store. Two weeks later, SEGA officially announced Two Point Campus, and it’s coming in 2022.

As the weeks pass and we inch closer and closer to a confirmed release date, you can keep coming back to this article for the latest updates on the university simulation. While SEGA hasn’t blown the entire lid on the game just yet, there’s plenty of information you can sink your teeth into. The following is everything we know about Two Point Campus so far!

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That’s a mighty big pizza pie

So… What is Two Point Campus all about?

Why, I’m glad you asked! As I’m sure you have already deduced from the game’s title, Two Point Campus is all about that university life. Unlike curing patients of diseases, like in Two Point Hospital, you get to build your dream campus and teach the youth of the future. You’re not preparing them with boring skills like arithmetic or physics, no no no… In Two Point Campus, your students can participate in classes like Knight School and Gastronomy.

In Knight School, the college kids try their darndest to become the next Sir Lancelot. Learn about the techniques of the sword, try your hand at jousting, and walk around in knight armor. In Gastronomy, your students build astronomically large pizzas and pies. Can you imagine taking a bite out of that deep dish? Bring the forklift.

It’s not just classes you have to worry about; You need to make sure your students are happy and flourishing in a myriad of activities. Understands their wants, needs, and personalities, while sending them off to various clubs and gigs throughout the campus. A well-versed student will give your university a legacy you can be proud of.

  • Two Point Campus building
  • Campus exterior

Are there new features?

Besides creating your own university? There’s plenty more where that came from. If you’ve played Two Point Hospital before, you know the creativity was confined within the walls of your medical facility. In Two Point Campus, you can craft your entire university from scratch. You can place trees, roads, vehicles, and everything in between to create the ultimate campus.

To assist you in your construction endeavors, Two Point Studios developed brand-new, easy-to-use tools that can help you lay down paths in a cinch. Make sure you have enough money in your bank account before building the next Oxford University! The studio watched Twitch streams of their fans and gathered all of your feedback to build the best game they can make.

Two Point Campus release date and pre-orders

As of right now, Two Point Campus is scheduled for an August 9th release date. According to their official website, the game is coming to PC and all consoles. No, that doesn’t mean your SEGA Dreamcast. Two Point Campus is headed to Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

You can pre-purchase Two Point Campus on Steam.

If you Enroll Now on the official website, Two Point Studios will send you updates about the game and free content on the day of release.

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