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This Elden Ring Tekken 7 mod is so good, director asks players ‘plz stop’

Two Bandai Namco worlds collide in this awesome mod!

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada jokingly asked players to “plz stop it” after seeing an impressive Elden Ring-inspired Tekken 7 mod.

The mod taking the world by storm caught Harada’s attention last Thursday with its excellently produced trailer. In fact, the Tekken series director was so impressed, he complimented the modder before humorously asking players to stop.

Katsuhiro Harada’s response to the mod

About the Elden Ring Tekken 7 mod

Talented modder Ultraboy created the mod, which brings detailed models of Elden Ring characters into Tekken 7. The trailer for the mod also took the internet by storm with its insane detail that could fool some fans into thinking it’s an official collaboration. Given that both games fall under Bandai Namco’s umbrella, it wouldn’t be too big of a stretch either.

Ultraboy’s mod includes models of Melina, Malenia, the Prisoner Tarnished, Alexander the pot, Radahn, Ranni and a giant lobster. The trailer for the mod showcases both these characters’ cinematics as well as their in-game fighting mechanics. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can also watch Ultraboy’s trailer below!

Ultraboy’s trailer for the mod

Those interested in taking your favorite Elden Ring character to combat in Tekken 7 can also download the mod here! Should Bandai Namco make an official collaboration between the two highly-acclaimed games? Since both titles are published by the same company, the possibility could be there in the future.

For now, however, fans can bring the world of Elden Ring to Tekken with Ultraboy’s fantastic mod. What are your thoughts on the mod? As always, let us know below!

Via PC Gamer

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