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The Switch is now Nintendo’s best-selling home console with 103.54 million sales

Hitting 103.54 million sales, it's now surpassed the lifetime sales of the Nintendo Wii.

Following the disappointment that was the Wii U, it was understandable to feel cautious about the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo’s hybrid home and handheld console launched in 2017 to a lot of hype, but also some skepticism. The Switch’s sales figures over the years have thankfully proven the doubters wrong, however. Now Nintendo has another point to brag about: the Switch is now Nintendo’s best-selling home console.

According to Nintendo’s sales figures, the Switch has sold 103.54 million units since its launch in March 2017. That edges out the Nintendo Wii, which shipped 101.63 million consoles over its lifetime.

Recent sales of the Switch have diminished thanks to the current chip shortage — which is also affecting its rival systems, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Sales are down around eight percent compared to last year, though thanks to good initial returns on the recent OLED Switch model, there’s been a shift back in the right direction. Highly-anticipated first-party titles like Metroid Dread and Pokemon Legends: Arceus have also contributed heavily to recent financial gains.

Playing on the Nintendo Switch

How the Switch topped Nintendo’s home console sales

Nearly five years after the console’s launch, it’s been an incredible journey for the Switch. Its launch wasn’t the smoothest as many weren’t thrilled with the amount of day-one titles available. With a huge library of games gracing the system since then, there are now plenty of Switch games for everyone. That’s definitely contributed a lot to the console’s sales, especially with more third-party developers working with the Switch than the Wii U.

And apparently, we’ve still got a while to go before the Switch leaves the scene. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa mentioned in a call following its recent earnings report that the Switch is in the middle of its lifecycle. Still no news yet on either a successor console or the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, however.

How long have you had your Nintendo Switch? What are your favorite Switch games? Let us know!

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