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The Star Wars KOTOR remake has changed studios

Citing dissatisfaction with Aspyr Media's work on it so far, Embracer Group has brought the project to Saber Interactive.

It’s been a strange time for those waiting for the upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake. Originally announced last September, the Star Wars KOTOR remake has undergone a number of snags in development. Just last month, sources reported that the developer, Aspyr Media, was putting development on hold indefinitely.

Now, the end result of that delay has been revealed. The Star Wars KOTOR remake has apparently shifted developers, and Aspyr Media is no longer working on the project. One of Saber Interactive’s studios in Eastern Europe will take over for them.

According to a Bloomberg report, Aspyr Media’s lack of solid progress on the game is to blame for the transition. Higher-ups at studio owner Embracer and publishers Sony and Walt Disney apparently weren’t pleased with Aspyr’s work on the game so far. With a new studio in charge of development, the game will hopefully head down a brighter path.

Star Wars KOTOR Remake 2

Why the Star Wars KOTOR remake changed developers

Internally, it sounds like this this was an inevitable conclusion. Last month, Aspyr stopped work on the Star Wars KOTOR remake indefinitely after a studio shuffling at Embracer Group. The company cited that it would look towards other contracts and development opportunities in the wake of its pause on KOTOR.

Embracer recently revealed in an earnings report that one of its triple-A game projects was shifting developers. KOTOR is that project, though no reason was cited by the publisher as to why the game was moved around.

Bloomberg’s source (who chose to remain anonymous as these details haven’t been made official yet) cites disappointment on the game’s progress from higher-ups. Embracer, Walt Disney, and Sony reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with Aspyr’s work on the game so far, and all supported transitioning the game to another developer.

Are you still excited for this KOTOR remake? Do you think we’ll see another trailer for this game any time soon? Let us know!

Via Bloomberg.

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