The Sonic movies will follow a different timeline than the games

The Sonic movies will feature key moments from the games... just not in the same order.

Oftentimes, movies based on video games often fail to faithfully represent the stories they’re based on. However, Sonic the Hedgehog surprised fans by lovingly bringing the Blue Blur to life. Regardless, as most movie adaptations do, the Sonic movies will also take some liberties on the stories’ chronology. Sonic 2 director Jeff Fowler recently told IGN that the Sonic movies will follow a different order than the games.

It’s not always going to be a linear progression of like ‘Oh, this was in Sonic 2 so it’s going to be in the Sonic 2 film. It’s going to be a little bit of a cherry picking, a little bit of a melting pot. There’s so much great, inspiring imagery to pull from the 20 years of games. So, if we didn’t get it in one film, there’s always the chance that we’ll revisit it somewhere else.

Jeff Fowler

This revelation shouldn’t be surprising at all to fans. After all, even the first movie strayed away from the source material. In addition, movies are a different medium than video games. Some things that work within a game just won’t adapt well for the timeframe of a feature film.

With that said, however, it remains Fowler’s mission to bring as much iconic imagery from the games to the big screen as possible. Many concepts that had to be cut from the first film will make their way into the upcoming sequel. For example, the Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1 will make its cinematic debut for Sonic 2.

About Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Although the movies will certainly diverge some from the games, it’s clear that Fowler and the entire team have a deep appreciation for the Blue Blur. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 releases in theaters on April 8, 2022! If you haven’t seen the latest trailer yet, you can do so below.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 trailer

As the Sonic cinematic universe expands, it will be interesting to see what changes are made and where. What ways do you think the movies will adjust the games’ chronology? As always, share your thoughts below!

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