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The Saints Row reboot is on the way, here’s everything we know so far!

Brand new Saints, same beautiful mayhem!

Last August, Geoff Keighley posted the first teaser for the Saints Row reboot on Twitter. Although fans speculated what a reboot could mean for the beloved gangster franchise, they soon found out when the first trailer premiered at Gamscom.

The first Saints Row reboot teaser

While the all-new direction for the franchise leaves some fans divided, due to its full abandonment of the previous story, the new game looks like an exciting step forward for the next chapter of Saints Row. As we near its August 23 release date, here’s everything we know about the reboot so far!

Welcome to Third Street

Before we can get into the Saints Row reboot, it would be criminal to not cover the franchise’s history. Did anyone else laugh at that sentence? Just me? Okay, I’ll move on.

Our first visit to Stillwater

The first Saints Row game released in 2006 for Xbox 360. Developed by Volition and published by THQ, the open world title allowed you to live out your wildest criminal fantasies as a member of the Third Street Saints. While the first game was partially dismissed as a Grand Theft Auto clone, the franchise came into its own over subsequent titles.

In 2008, the Saints truly began to establish their own identity with the, arguably most-cherished game in the franchise, Saints Row 2. The sequel picks up where the first game left off, beginning with you escaping prison. The game returns to Stillwater as you, The Boss, rebuilds the Saints and fights to take back the city. While the game isn’t quite as outlandish as the series’ later entries, it did establish the satirical charm.

Speaking of the later games, 2011’s Saints Row: The Third really took the craziness to a new level. While the controversial decision to kill off Johnny Gat early in the story upset some fans, the game’s hilarious wit and over-the-top action greatly improved on the previous entry.

Saints Row: The Third launch trailer

The last game in the franchise, Saints Row IV, however, may be the most divisive entry yet. Instead of simply being a street gang, the fourth entry sees The Boss as the President of the United States. If that’s not wacky enough, aliens invade and trap everyone on the planet inside of a simulated reality. Did I mention you get superpowers?

With the game’s wild ending, however, fans were curious to see how the franchise could continue. Unfortunately, years went by with no new game. Now, we’ll finally be getting a new addition to the Saints Row franchise, albeit with an entirely new cast and story.

Goodbye aliens, hello millenials!

The reveal trailer from Gamescom 2021 showed off Volition’s vision for the future of the series. Instead of seeing the likes of Johnny Gat, Shaundi and Pierce, the new game will introduce players to a brand new set of characters with their own unique story. While this decision divided longtime fans, it grows the potential for the series to evolve into an entirely new direction.

Saints Row reveal trailer

The cinematic trailer opens up with a reveal of the new game’s desert city before showing the Saints preparing to infiltrate a “business meeting”. The adreneline-fueled sequence that follows establishes the tone with over-the-top action and Deadpool-like quips. Most importantly, however, the reveal trailer introduces us to the new Saints lineup.


Neenah is a skilled mechanic, and the gang’s driver. Although she yearns to get out of the criminal life, her loyalty to The Boss drives her efforts throughout the game.


Eli is the most business-minded member of the Saints. His entrepreneurial mindset helps set the newly-established gang up as the next up-and-coming criminal empire in the city.


Kevin is a thrill-seeking, extroverted DJ with an affliction for mayhem. The shirtless, cat-helmeted member of the Saints is the go-to guy to handle blunt confrontations.

The Boss

Finally, we have The Boss. In classic Saints Row tradition, the character you play as will be fully customizable. As the name implies, The Boss is the leader of the Saints who heads the charge into creating the ultimate criminal empire.

Bring the violence to Santo Ileso

In addition to the brand new cast of characters, Saints Row also introduces a unique new setting: Santo Ileso. Inspired by cities in the modern American southwest, Volition states this new desert map will be the largest to date. Although the city and surrounding landscapes are wholly new to the series, Santo Ileso will retain the wacky satirical style that defines the franchise.

Another core feature returning to the Saints Row reboot is the divided, gang-controlled districts. In this installment, Santo Ileso will feature 15 different districts controlled by rival factions. In traditional Saints Row fashion, throughout the game, players will also work to take control of each of these districts to make the Saints the dominant gang in town.

To take control of the city, the Saints will have to dethrone three rival gangs. Each gang has its own style that gives them a unique identity.

A more violent Doug Dimmadome


The first enemy faction is Marshall. Similar to Ultor Corporation from Saints Row 2, this international weapons manufacturer operates on a larger scale than traditional gangs. In addition to employing skilled assassins, Marshall is the leading producer of the most hi-tech and dangerous weapons in the game’s world.

Los Panteros showing off their guns

Los Panteros

Although Los Panteros may not be the most tactical bunch, they remain a force to be reckoned with. With access to heavy Marshal weaponry and physiques that make WWE legend Lex Luger look small, this gang hits hard. Employing the use of weapons ranging from rocket launchers to sledgehammers, the Saints will need to be smart to knock this gang out from power.


Looks like the Idols took raving too far

Last but not least, we have the weirdest gang in Saints Row: the Idols. Dawning LED helmets and pink clothing, these anarchists take advantage of strength in numbers. Don’t underestimate their appetite for destruction with a lack of direction, when you face the Idols, you can expect a swarm.

Bring on the chaos!

It wouldn’t really be Saints Row without the freedom to cause absolute destruction at any given time. Therefore, among the new characters, story and setting of this reboot, returns some core gameplay mechanics that help the new title fit in with the classics. In addition to the return of full customization, the reboot will also retain its core chaotic gameplay.

Saints Row gameplay trailer

As a result, the latest trailer from The Game Awards 2021, was a showcase of pure mayhem. In just two minutes, this high-velocity trailer showed off lots of awesome gameplay mechanics players can take advantage of in the new game. From the insane customization options to the explosive combat, fans can rest easy knowing the new Saints Row bleeds the franchise’s DNA.

Customize… like a Boss!

On April 20, Volition and Deep Silver also released a new trailer, showcasing the Saints Row reboot’s intricate customization system. The five-minute video impressed fans, showing off arguably the most detailed customization suite of any game in the series. From making the Boss truly you to getting wild with your hideout, check out the ultimate customization showcase!

Saints Row Like a Boss trailer

Starting from the top, like previous entries in the franchise, you’ll have free reign over your character’s appearance. From gender to skin color to the emoji that censors your junk, it’s all there.

In addition to The Boss’s body and hair, the trailer also showcases the range of customization players have for clothing. From your socks to your hat, each layer of clothing comes packed with customization options for texture and color. With this level of detail, you can make The Boss look like anything from a purple-haired tin man to your 6th-grade math teacher gone wild!

The customization doesn’t end at your character either! You can also change each part of your guns and cars to commit a drive by in style. Want to add an ejector seat to launch out of your car into the air? Do it! Want to shoot rockets out of a guitar case? Carry on, my wayward son!

But wait… there’s more!

As you progress through the game, you’ll also be able to upgrade your gang members’ style and your hideout. Turn that dusty old church into a castle fit for a kingpin (or queenpin). Make yourself at home, and feel like a real boss, in Saints Row.

The Saints come marching in this August

Saints Row launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC via The Epic Games Store on August 23, 2022. You can pre-order the new game here on any of the listed platforms.

You can also choose to pre-order four unique editions of the game on the platform you choose. Anyone who pre-orders either the standard digital or physical version of the game will receive the Idols Anarchy Pack. In addition, you can pre-order the Criminal Customs version which gives you a new custom convertible and custom stab jacket.

Saints Row Notorious Edition

For diehard Saints Row fans, you may want the Notorious Edition. In addition to the previously mentioned bonuses, this version also comes with the Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle, the Expansion Pass, a Steelbook case and many other cool physical collectibles.

Are you excited to build your new criminal empire in Santo Ileso this August? As always, share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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