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The new Front Mission 1st: Remake is coming out this Summer

Prepare for battle!

Get your Wanzers and pilots ready: we’re all heading back to command on the battlefield once again! While not necessarily shouted about for years on – it’s a welcome sight to see Front Mission 1st: Remake coming to Nintendo Switch.

Revealed during today’s Nintendo DirectFront Mission 1st: Remake will release sometime in the summer! But that’s not all: Front Mission 2 is also in development but has an unknown release date as of writing. Check out this sick trailer:

Back in 1995, Front Mission was developed by G-Craft and published by the iconic Squaresoft for Super Famicom. It was one of the first defining mecha series to blend simulated tactical strategy and RPG elements within a war-torn political story. Front Mission was a huge success in Japan and later reached worldwide through a port to the Nintendo DS in 2007.

After nearly 28 years since the original game, it’s been a long time coming to see Front Mission in the limelight. While the released trailer for the remake doesn’t give information about the game’s features, it’s safe the say the game got a massive facelift from its Super Famicom days.

Also, its destination to Switch is fantastic given the accessibility of the console. However, I would like to see Front Mission 1st: Remake reach PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in the future, which I’m sure sales on Switch will validate if the move happens! 

Do you have any memories of Front Mission? Let us hear it below!

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