The LA Chargers release their schedule as an anime

I’ve written about anime and sports on this website before, usually in separate posts. But combining them? That’s not something I thought would ever happen. I guess I can thank the Los Angeles Chargers for this!

If you missed it this week, the 2022-2023 schedules were revealed for the NFL. Each team usually sends out a graphic or short video showing the full schedule. But the Chargers? They decided to go all-in and be super nerdy. They thought it would be fun to announce their schedule as an anime, and it’s phenomenal. You can check out the video below. 

Holy references from the Chargers!

First off, full credit goes to the Chargers’ social media team for the idea. You all deserve raises for how packed you made this with references. For anime, let’s see what fans can recognize? I see Demon SlayerFood WarsNeon Genesis EvangelionAttack On TitanNarutoOne Piece, and even smaller series like Odd Taxi! That’s a team that knows the medium and loves it fully!

Now for the sports references. Hoh boy. The savagery on display is unbelievable at points. Making the Jaguar wear the same attire as Urban Meyer in his infamous video from last year? Brilliant. 28% off 3 waffles or more for the Falcons? Brutal. Antonio Brown’s helmets and a Chucky doll in the trash for the Raiders? Stunning. The “redacted on advice of our lawyers” for the Browns actually had me fall out of my chair. But I have to wonder who in Seattle hurt you all? If you know anything about Seattle sports, this whole image is just foul.

What do you think about what the Chargers did? Was it more fun to catch the anime references? Or to see how they were going to make fun of teams as the video went on. Let us know in the comments below!

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