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The Bloodborne PSX demake now has a playable demo

After 13 months, we can finally play Bloodborne Demake!

This demo release is a long time coming – kudos to the devs. Bloodborne PSX Demake is one of the most refreshing fan projects circulating the web, and it blew people away by its subversion of modern Bloodborne in the gaze of old-style gameplay and graphics. After following the project for months in anticipation, there’s a demo you can now play to experience a portion of Bloodborne through the PSX lens.

Announced by @b0tster AKA Lilith Walther on Twitter, you can locate the download via their tweet. Besides that link, you’ll find others connected to a Discord channel dedicated to Bloodborne PSX Demake and the extended launch trailer:

Not to damper this successful launch, but expect to run into bugs or glitches within the city of Yharnam. But as for how the game plays and what to expect: it’s completely identical to the Bloodborne years back. Anyone with experience on the title is sure to reminiscence as they slay enemies in familiar corridors while those unfamiliar can jump in and learn the ropes like the original. Outside of that, the Bloodborne Demake lets you use up to ten unique hunter weapons with trick weapon transformations and quicksilver firearms for ranged combat.

The Bloodborne PSX Demake is sure to start a trend of fan project games soon – depending on its success, and I’m excited to see what series might get the same treatment.

Via: Twitter

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