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The AEW video game won’t compete with WWE 2K22’s graphics

Kenny Omega says the developers are more focused on the gameplay than the graphics.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Observer, AEW star Kenny Omega shed some light on the upcoming game’s direction. Specifically, Omega states that the AEW video game will not feature the same level of high-quality graphics that WWE 2K22 will present this March.

We’ll never be [able] to compete with the production value of WWE’s games. You look at 2K22; it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Kenny Omega

However, Omega adds that the developers aren’t focused on graphics anyway. Instead, elaborates that developer Yuke’s aims to create fun gameplay akin to the wrestling games of yesteryear.

… we just want the wrestling to feel like how it used to feel for the people who would play wrestling games back in the day.

Kenny Omega

Omega’s message alludes to the point that AEW has no interest in creating a wrestling simulator like the approach 2K takes towards its WWE games. Instead, the involvement of famed SmackDown developer Yuke’s and WWF No Mercy director Hideyukia Iwashita signal an arcade-style gameplay direction. In addition, the limited gameplay footage showcased so far also paints a good picture of what fans can expect.

Jungle Boy reveal trailer

Currently, neither AEW Games nor Yuke’s has revealed any substantial information on what game modes and match types the new game will feature. In addition, there is no estimated timetable on when fans might finally get to play the game. However, with the game’s development entering its third year, we may be close to some interesting news.

The future of wrestling games

In the meantime, wrestling fans are anxiously awaiting the March 11 debut of WWE 2K22. Following the disastrous launch of WWE 2K20, 2K decided to cancel the development of 2K21 to spend more time righting their wrongs for the next game in the series. And while 2K22’s graphics and new take on General Manager mode appear promising, some fans remain skeptical on its gameplay.

WWE 2K22 trailer

In addition, the new WWE game also appears to double down on the simulation style introduced by 2K. While some fans love this approach, others yearn for the fast-paced arcade action of the early SmackDown games. AEW’s approach to fill this void is one of the main reasons wrestling fans remain excited to see what they have to offer.

In addition, fans are equally excited for the AEW Game’s stacked roster. With the recent signings of stars like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole, the game is expected to have a seriously impressive roster. In addition, the news that Jeff Hardy will soon join the company means the Charismatic Enigma will likely join the game’s roster as well.

For now, however, all we can do is wait and dream. In fact, we’ve already discussed some of the features wrestling fans hope to see in AEW’s upcoming title.

Are you looking forward to the AEW video game? How do you think it will compare to WWE’s entries? Share your thoughts down below!

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