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Super Sonic may be mandatory for some Sonic Frontiers bosses

According to the game's director Morio Kishimoto, regular Sonic won't be able to defeat these bosses at all.

It was a safe bet to assume that Super Sonic was going to appear in Sonic Frontiers. The Blue Blur’s ultimate form always eventually makes an appearance in his main titles, mostly exclusively for fighting the final boss. But in Sonic Frontiers, it seems like the Chaos Emerald-enriched Sonic will be seen more often and be required for more content.

SEGA first confirmed Super Sonic’s appearance in Frontiers in a trailer that debuted at Tokyo Game Show. The game’s director Morio Kishimoto also recently talked with IGN about the role Super Sonic will play in Frontiers. He specifically mentioned the boss battles and how for some, Super Sonic will be the only method of claiming victory.

“Normally in Sonic games you’ll encounter a boss and you’ll fight them as regular, blue Sonic,” said Kishimoto. “In Sonic Frontiers, there will be bosses that blue Sonic can’t even scratch. But if he collects and uses all seven Chaos Emeralds, he can become Super Sonic and then battle those bosses. Becoming Super Sonic will be the only way to fight them.”

See the most recent trailer below, which shows Super Sonic in action:

Super Sonic beating baddies in Sonic Frontiers

Since Sonic Adventure, the Super Sonic transformation has mostly been relegated to a final boss destroyer. But with Frontiers’ higher emphasis on combat, giving Super Sonic more of a spotlight just makes all the more sense. It’s currently not known whether or not you’ll be able to switch to Super Sonic on demand or if it’s still exclusive for boss fights, however.

What Kishimoto did indicate was that because of Super Sonic’s higher power and capabilities, these boss encounters would be much harder than Sonic baddies typically are. “Up until now, in Sonic games, Super Sonic would only appear against the last boss. Imagine if the first boss in Sonic Frontiers is as strong as those bosses.”

Are you excited for Sonic Frontiers? What do you think of how it will incorporate Super Sonic? Let us know!

Via IGN.

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