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Super Bomberman R update adds tweaks, Castlevania’s Soma Cruz

Looks like somebody set up us the Bomberman: two of Konami’s golden franchises, the explodey lad himself and Castlevania, are coming together in the newest update for Super Bomberman R.

Already representing a fantastic stable of content for such a long-running franchise, it seems they’re taking the Mario Kart approach and branching out into a couple of their other IPs for that sweet, sweet synergy.

As Nintendo Life reports, the second season for the game is now live, and brings with it a veritable host of alterations, “tweaks, new rewards,” and interesting features. Chief among them is the addition of an entirely new character – well, new if you’ve never picked up a Castlevania game before (and if that’s the case, seriously, what are you playing at?).

Who is Soma Cruz?

Said new character is Soma Cruz, protagonist of the installments Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow, and he’s “now available for 500 Bomber Coins from the Character menu within the in-game shop and comes with a special ‘Power of Dominance’ ability.” Sounds about right. Check him out below:

Soma Cruz from Castlevania is chibified
If ever there was a character that I thought couldn’t be chibified, it was Soma. But how wrong I was.

Other stuff included in the patch comprises such highlights as “renewal of the Battle Pass,” both paid and free, naturally; a new Event Battle mode that “allows players to enjoy a variety of in-game special events”; and some buffs and nerfs to some characters’ firepower and Special Attacks. Fans will doubtless enjoy themselves picking through what’s on offer, as well as actually, y’know, playing the game. Would definitely recommend; it’s one of the most ludicrously chaotic online experiences this wizened old puzzler fan has seen in many a year.

Are you a regular player of Bomberman? Are you excited to see Soma here? Let us know!

Via, NintendoLife.

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