Sony is cutting PS5 production back due to chip shortage

Are you one of the unfortunate gamers that’s fighting with scalpers and other shoppers to land a PlayStation 5? Especially now that the holidays are right around the corner? I’m afraid I have some bad news. According to a report by Bloomberg, sources have let them know that console production will go from a planned 16 million units to 15 million in the next fiscal year. This is due to component and logistic constraints caused by the lingering effects worldwide of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’ll do my best to explain this thoroughly for the uninformed. The chips and components needed to make the PlayStation 5 are in short supply due to the pandemic causing major supply issues across multiple companies. Because of this, Sony has not been able to obtain the necessary parts to keep up the production of PlayStation 5 to meet demands worldwide. It’s an awful situation that is out of the hands of everyone involved. And scalpers using bots to secure consoles that are sent to online stores hasn’t helped the situation at all. 

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So what’s the answer then?

Gamers are getting more and more understandably frustrated, but I’m just here to remind you that (for once) this isn’t Sony’s fault. They’re doing their best as the world is still in the middle of a pandemic. If they can get 15 million units out worldwide, that will be more than I ever anticipated. 

Let me end this with two helpful accounts on Twitter that can help you secure the PlayStation 5. Go follow and turn on notifications for @Wario64 and @videogamedeals. Both let followers know immediately when consoles go up and workarounds to help deal with bots. Without them, there’s no way I would have been able to secure one. Good luck and godspeed this holiday season PlayStation fans!

Via Bloomberg

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