Sonic Party Punch GFUEL Review: Is it a fruity party?


Hello, MegaVision faithful! It has been a while since I have done a review or opinion piece. But what better topic to come back to the subject with than video game inspired drinks?! One drink I have daily for energy is GFUEL! And wouldn’t you know it? A certain blue hedgehog has gotten three different flavors from the company, including a new one to celebrate his 30th anniversary! Today, I will be breaking down what GFUEL is as a product for those who do not know. Then, I will give a review on the new flavor itself, Party Punch!

What is GFUEL and how does Sonic come in?

First, let me explain to those unaware what GFUEL is. GFUEL is a natural energy drink that was created by Gamma Labs to be a healthy alternative to sugary and caffeine-loaded energy drinks. It comes in a powder you can mix into the water using a shaker they usually send with the flavor you order. You can also find cans of flavors in most stores now. It has become popular in the gaming community due to eSport athletes preferring it over other energy drinks. Because of this, many eSport players and Twitch streamers have sponsorships with the company. 

I got on GFUEL when I wanted to lose the weight I had gained from drinking soda daily for energy. It helped kick my cravings for the sugary drinks and gave me more energy and focus than they ever did. I always recommend it to people who know they need vitality but have an unfortunate habit of turning to drinks loaded with unhealthy chemicals and too much sugar or caffeine. I also recommend it to those looking for extra zip for workouts. Recently, I have started to drink GFUEL before I start my cardio workouts. It kicks up how much drive I have to utilize on the treadmill or when I am lifting.

So how does Sonic play into GFUEL? The blue blur has received three flavors from the company now! The first was Peach Rings, a flavor designed to taste like the candy it was named after. The second was chili dog which, according to our own Scotty Mo, was as disgusting as you think. The final one is in our review today; Party Punch! The flavor’s inception was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise. According to the company,

In celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 30th anniversary, G FUEL Party Punch was developed in partnership with SEGA® of America, Inc. and is bursting with fruity cereal flavor. This new G FUEL flavor will give Sonic fans everywhere the extreme energy and focus that they need to catapult past perilous platforms, defeat Dr. Eggman, save the world, and still party with all your friends


The flavor is available in a tub you can buy on its own or in a special collectors edition box that has a 30th-anniversary shaker as well. I was thankful to get a collectors box with the shaker, so that is what I will be looking at today.

How is the overall package?

Let us start with the box and shaker. The box design is a superb homage to the franchise that has the most popular characters on it. From Sonic himself to Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and even Shadow! Box collectors will also enjoy that the 30th-anniversary logo is on the box, which will make it a valuable collector item down the line. The shaker has a 30th-anniversary logo on the cup with a blue, red, and yellow focused design to match Sonic and his iconic shoes. The shaker has a clean look that any Sonic fan is sure to enjoy. 


Now it is time to stop beating around the bush and get to the real nitty-gritty here, Party Punch itself. For my review, I decided to try the flavor in three ways. Once with water, once with skim milk, and once with almond milk for our vegan readers. Some GFUEL drinkers might find it odd that I decided to use milk as a base. But given how GFUEL said the flavor is supposed to taste like a fruity cereal, I figured why not give it a try. 

The first up was water since that is what GFUEL mixes with regularly. Upon the first sip after shaking the concoction together, I did not receive as much of a fruity cereal taste, But more of a confetti cake flavor. It was a little shocking at first, but it managed to get better with each sip. Before I knew it, I had chugged the whole thing down quickly. I tend to like the GFUEL flavors on the sweeter side, and Party Punch packs the sweet! I can see the sweet being too overpowering for some, just like a slice of cake. If you are not a fan of cake, maybe try one of the other two methods.

So the milk…

Now for the wild card in the review. How did Party Punch stack up using milk? Did the fruity cereal flavor come out more? Weirdly, yes. With skim milk, the sweetness subdued to give more of a taste like the cereals you enjoyed as a kid on Saturday morning. If I had to say a close comparison taste-wise to any popular cereal, think Fruity Pebbles. I do not have validity to this, but part of me does think GFUEL tested out this flavor in different types of milk during the creation process. It would make sense as to why the flavors match up so well to taste like the morning treat we all know. 

Now onto the almond milk. To our vegan readers, GFUEL came through for you on the Party Punch. I was not sure how the flavors would mix, but the almond milk dilutes the sweetness down to a level that would be very acceptable to those with a light sweet tooth. It is a fantastic substitute for anyone looking to use a healthier alternative to regular milk and brings the flavor just as much. I don’t think the almond milk will work with any other flavor other than this. And quite frankly, I’m shocked it works as well with Party Punch as it does.

But which one is the best?

After trying all three options for Party Punch, I think it comes down to a simple question. How much sweet can you handle? If you want a taste like a good slice of confetti cake, go with the water. But if you want the fruity cereal taste to pop like GFUEL advertisements said it would go with a milk of your choosing. Either way, I think the sweet lovers can’t go wrong with Party Punch. I still think of the three Sonic flavors, Peach Rings is the best, but Party Punch is a very close second. And then you go through fifty feet of crap and personal regret to get to Chili dog. Just do not get Chili dog. Allow me to be the second MegaVisions staff member giving you proper warning to stay away from that hilarious but awful mistake of a flavor.

Party Punch is available through GFUEL in both single tub and collectors boxes. The tub runs for $35.99 plus shipping, and the collector’s box $39.99 plus shipping. I highly recommend the box to get the shaker along with the flavor. It is a spectacular design to give proper congratulations to the series for 30 years of success. Are you thinking about trying the Party Punch? Have you tried it yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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