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Sonic Frontiers gets first gameplay teaser

Well, there it is. It happened. Right the bleedin’ ‘eck out of nowhere, dropped unceremoniously into our laps, has come the first ever look at what the newest Sonic game, Sonic Frontiers, will actually entail. Given that this is quite a special moment, I’m going to do something very uncharacteristic. I don’t want to keep you, as I imagine you’re positively humming with excitement after that headline, so I’ll waste no time.

Here, directly from SEGA as part from IGN’s First event in June, is the debut gameplay teaser.

Man, that collective twenty seconds sure was a rush.

There. Satisfied? Got it out of your system? Great. Maybe now we can chat a bit more civilly about it. Initially kicking off with the same bit of CG guff we’ve been shown for months on end, the trailer then segues seamlessly into a look at the in-game graphics. They look rather nice, to be blunt, even if my mind did err on the side of Xenoblade-Chronicles-meets-Breath-of-the-You-Know-What.

Following the reveal, we then catch a few shots of Sonic mucking about in a hamster wheel contraption that looks like the bit where Shulk holds the Monado (sorry, recurring theme) and beating up the requisite robotic baddies. Homing attack, move over – it seems you’ve been supplanted by… multiple homing attacks crammed into three seconds.

Sonic Frontiers screengrab
It.. it’s not just me, right? ‘This is the Monado’s power’ and all that?

We also see some very Windmill Isle-esque rail grinding bits, and a few more angles of those enigmatic robotic foes. Who’s even the villain this time? Eggman? Some other Eldritch abomination? Hey, as long as it isn’t Zavok again, I’m all in for whatever.

Apparently, this is all to hype up a series of unveilings related to the game over June, so Sonic fans had better not touch that dial. Or pause button, I suppose.

What’s your take on this teaser? Are you glad to finally have the Frontiers cherry popped after all this teasing? Let us know!

Via, YouTube.

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