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Sonic Frontiers gets a new story trailer at Gamescom

Revealing a few details about the narrative, the trailer also confirms the game's release date of November 8.

We’ve been gearing up for the impending release of Sonic the Hedgehog’s latest adventure over the past few months. With a number of interesting trailers and gameplay reveals, many are anxious to see what SEGA has in store for the Blue Blur. And at Gamescom, we finally got a trailer that revealed some story details for Sonic Frontiers.

We’ve known for a while that the game involves Sonic exploring another dimension to rescue his friends. The specific story details for Sonic Frontiers have eluded us so far, and the trailer doesn’t reveal a ton of concrete information.

It does give us a look at the main antagonist, a young woman named SAGE who stands in Sonic’s way. We also get another glance at some gameplay, including some new stages and mechanics. It’s gotten many fans excited for the game, which is confirmed to be releasing on Nov. 8.

See the trailer below, courtesy of SEGA of America on YouTube:

What the new Sonic Frontiers story trailer tells us

In the trailer, Sonic finds himself in a mysterious world. All his friends have also been transported to this place and captured, including Amy (whom the trailer confirms will be appearing). The villain behind all of this is SAGE, a young girl with strong powers at her disposal. SAGE is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara, known for voicing Ranma Saotome in Ranma ½ and Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The trailer also shows off some of the levels Sonic will be able to explore. Notable locations include a vast desert and, for the billionth time, the returning Green Hill Zone.

Sonic Frontiers will launch on Nov. 8. You can pre-order the game below! Alternatively, you can pre-purchase the game on Steam.


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Via SEGA of America on YouTube.

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