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Someone is making a new VMU for Dreamcasts

Do you know what was a cool peripheral? The Dreamcast VMU! A memory card like none other, the VMU would hold your save data while also displaying primitive graphics on your controller of the game you were playing. It sure would be neat to see an updated version of one, right? Well, that might be more of a reality than you think. 

The developer DreamMods has shown off their new project for a new VMU aptly named VM2! They’ve worked on Dreamcast projects before such as a wireless Dreamcast Controller and Light Gun. DreamMods even added back lights to older VMUs. But it looks like the VM2 might be their most ambitious project yet. 

The new VM2 will have 3X times the size of saved data as a regular VMU for starters, but that’s just in the internal storage. The big draw is you’ll be able to use Micro SD cards with the VM2 to essentially allow for unlimited storage. In addition, the VM2 will be able to connect to a PC via a micro USB. Do with that information what you will. There are a lot of other minor tweaks and features that will get Dreamcast fans excited. You can check out the rest of the VM2 upgrades in the image below.

VM2 features

Are you excited to see development progress on the VM2? Do you think it will replace your old VMU for your Dreamcast? Let us know in the comments below!

Via DreamMods

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