Sol Cresta release date finally revealed after delay

With a gacha machine, no less.

Fans were disappointed to hear Sol Cresta, an upcoming arcade shoot-em-up, got delayed back in November 2021. Hideki Kamiya, the game’s creative director, hosted a “Very Sorry Stream” to apologize to fans for the delay. However, the game’s finally emerging on the other side, with Platinum games announcing an official release date slotted for next month.

A machine’s gacha-covered

Platinum Games had originally set Sol Cresta’s release date for December 2021. During Kamiya’s stream, he noted he prefers not to set release dates; he’d rather make the game as great as it can be without having to push to get it out. However, game producer Takahito Washisaka said they needed to decide on one regardless.

The Sol Cresta team unveiled the release date live on a forum stream. In order to set their release date, the company used a gacha machine, which seems like a rather unconventional but fun way to decide. After the reveal, the team also showed off some new game art and played a portion of the game to show off its mechanics. Big industry figures sent in their congratulations via video messages, including NieR director Yoko Taro and Satoshi Hamada.

When does Sol Cresta finally release?

Sol Cresta team showing off the release date using a gacha machine.

Shown off by a little ‘2’ from the gacha machine, the team revealed Sol Cresta officially comes out February 22, 2022. It releases on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4 for approximately $40 (¥3,980), and will be download-only. The team seems delighted to show off the game, so it seems unlikely it will end up getting delayed again. Are you excited for the game to finally release?

Via, Siliconera.

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