Silent Hill Transmissions announces multiple merchs

It can be hard to have patience when waiting on news about a beloved title. For Silent Hill fans, yesterday was like a holiday with the best horror twists. During Konami’s surprise Silent Hill Transmission livestream, we got a plethora of announcements ranging from the Silent Hill 2 Remake, a new film and a second all new project- Silent Hill f. Wedged in between the visual treats, we saw gloriously gory merch unveiled as well.

Masahiro Ito returns

Gorgeous models of Red Pyramid Head, James Sunderland, and Maria will drop sometime in 2023. The details were supervised by the art director and monster designer of Silent Hill 2, Masahiro Ito. “You can even see the details we couldn’t express because of the video game specs at the time,” said stream facilitator, Selina. Information is limited right now, but here’s what we know about the goodies shown today!

1/6 Scale Models from Gecco:

Red Pyramid Thing

  • Price: 42,000JPY (Other currencies TBD)
  • Release: March-May 2023 in Japan, other countries TBD
  • The scaffolding at the bottom of the figure can be connected to a second Red Pyramid Thing statue.

James Sunderland

  • Price: TBD
  • Release: 2023 in Japan, other countries TBD
  • Details includes his gun, wooden plank, steel pipe, and knife can be held interchangeably in his hand. At his feet are empty bottles of health drinks.


  • This is the very first official statue of Maria.
  • Price: TBD
  • Release: 2023 in Japan, other countries TBD
  • The right hand is interchangeable with a hand holding the gun from “Born From A Wish”

Inu-End Coin Bank Statue

  • Price TBD
  • Release: 2023 in Japan, other countries TBD
  • This diorama faithful recreates the last scene of the “joke ending” from Silent Hill 2.

Bubble Head Nurse will see you now

From Crazy Rock, two more hideously fantastic figurines are coming: Bubble Head Nurse and Red Pyramid Thing. Both figures are 1/6 scale and fully posable. They come with accurately crafted heads and interchangeable body parts, as well as their iconic clothing and weapons from the game. So far, Q4 2023 is the slated release date. Fans and collectors can put down a deposit of $24.90 and $28.90 USD respectively per item. Full prices are $249.00 for Bubble Head Nurse and $289.00 USD for Red Pyramid Thing.

If you’re desiring another Bubble Head Nurse, Good Smile Company has you covered. Their Pop Up Parade collection now boast this twisted figure on a clear base. It is available for pre-order until November 02, 2022 and is priced $33.99 USD.

Going down?

Bedrock Collectibles also announced its “Red Pyramid Thing and Maria Elevator Chase Diorama.” Frozen in time during the terrifying moment Red Pyramid Thing swings his great knife at Maria as she tries to run to the elevator, this thing is creepy to the extreme. At this time, the diorama is in development.

From the official Konami shop comes the limited edition Silent Hill board collection. Beautifully hand painted and numbered with wall mount hooks and a custom box, each deck has a certificate of authenticity. The decks feature notable characters from the first four games of the franchise. These include Eileen Head, Robbie the Rabbit, Red Pyramid Thing and Incubus. They are now available for pre-order and are priced at $89.99 USD.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Konami shop is also accepting pre-orders for Mira the Dog plushies (so cute!) and “Welcome to Silent Hill” metal signs. Both are priced at $34.99. The shop had a wide selection of shirts, hats and more merchandise already available for purchase.

Phew! With the holiday season just around the corner, make you list, check it twice, and grab one of more of these iconic horror franchise characters to keep you company while we await the new games and movie. Keep it here for more coverage of Red Pyramid Head’s return to haunt our living nightmares.

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