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Silent Hill 2 remake is coming as a timed PS5 console exclusive

After years of rumors, jokes, heartbreak, and pachinko machines, Silent Hill fans have something to cheer about. Today during Konami’s SILENT HILL TRANSMISSION, the publisher confirmed that a remake of Silent Hill 2 is on the way!

The remake will be developed by Bloober Team (The Medium), and Masahiro Ito & Akira Yamaoka worked closely with the team. It will have a new musical style & sound design. Plus, an over-the-shoulder camera & modernized gameplay. You can check out the announcement trailer below in 4K

I’m stunned. I was ready to make jokes because I expected Konami to let the fan base down again. I was mentally prepared for cheap mobile games and pachinko machines. But the Silent Hill 2 remake looks like everything fans could hope for. I know some people have not liked Bloober Team’s other efforts, but I’m pretty fond of the studio! They have a fantastic knack for atmosphere and art design. So they’re a phenomenal candidate to tackle this remake. Let’s all hope for the best!

Silent Hill 2 Remake will come exclusively to PS5 for one year, but no official release date has been confirmed. It has also been confirmed it is coming to Steam as well. We will update readers on an exact release date when announced. Are you excited to return to see a new take on the horror classic? Let us know in the comments below!

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