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Seven tips for building a better base in Meet Your Maker

Excited to build your dream deathtrap in Meet Your Maker? Before it launches on April 4, here's seven basebuilding tips.

It’s almost time for raiders and builders to hit the desert wastes. Meet Your Maker, developed and published by Behaviour Interactive, is almost here, and many are looking for tips on how to play the game.

With players building their own bases and raiding other players’ fortresses, you’ll need to have two mindsets when playing this game. First, you’ll need to know how to deal with the traps, enemies, and mazes other Custodians have assembled. This involves upgrading your weapons, examining your surroundings, and keeping your wits about you.

But the other side of the coin is building bases designed to keep other players out. You’ve got precious resources that you need to guard, with an arsenal of traps and monsters ready to prevent your opponents from accessing your genetic material. If enough players do, your base gets taken off the map and you’ll have to make a new one.

If you’re planning to build bases when Meet Your Maker launches on April 4, here’s even tips you’ll want to know before getting started.

1: Plan your base ahead of time

Base Building

Just like any building, it helps to have the blueprints ready before you start construction. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to sketch out what you want your base to look like. (Although if you feel so inclined, then definitely do so!) But having a plan ready is always helpful when you’re building a new base.

The biggest thing you need to plan around is the shape of your foundation. Every base is built on a plot of land that you need to purchase before building. Each one has its own building restrictions, such as size, block limit, and pre-existing structures. All of that needs to be worked around, so it helps to survey the environment before you lay a base down.

This is true whether you’re building a traditional base or something fancier. Actually, it’s even more important if you’re planning to create something more artsy. Especially with how each plot of land starts with pits and blocks already filled in, you need to accommodate for that before you start building.

2: Get your basic structure done first

Meet Your Maker Building

Regardless of what you plan to make, every base in Meet Your Maker needs a few common elements. First, you need a genetic material generator that acts as your base’s objective. Second, your Harvester must be able to reach the generator, so you need a direct pathway there. Third, you need traps and enemies to stop raiders from making it through your base.

It’s all simple stuff, but one of the most essential tips you need for Meet Your Maker is focusing on the basic structure first. You should always figure out the main path first so you know roughly which path the raiders will take. That means assembling the basic blocks in a way that lets you reach the center with ease.

This doesn’t just help in having a foundation to build around. It’s also a great way for you to get ideas for potential hazards. When you build a simple pathway, you can traverse it to see areas where a player’s focus might be diverted or where you can block their progress. These are great areas to lay down traps for the unsuspecting raider.

3: Consider the raider


When it comes to making bases, sometimes the best things you can do is think like a raider. You’ll have plenty of experience on this front, as you’ll have to venture out and raid bases yourself.

That’s why one of the best tips for Meet Your Maker is to consider how a raider might interact with your base. Are there any weak spots in your base that a player can get around? Any traps that are too obvious? Any that might not have the best possible coverage? What about the pathway: is it too obvious? Can raiders find the way through your base too quickly?

You have the option to test out your base before deploying it to the wasteland. Do this as often as you can, especially while your base is in the early stages. As you unlock more base parts and get bigger plots of land, you’ll have a lot more room to experiment. Experimentation requires you to test out everything before you set it loose on the Custodians.

4: Plan for the second wave

Meet Your Maker Enemy

When you’re raiding a base, there’s two distinct phases to worry about. The first phase involves the raider reaching the genetic materials. Once they’ve acquired it, the second wave begins and a whole new set of traps gets unleashed.

As you build a base, you can define whether or not a trap is active from the start or only during the second wave. By this point, the raider needs to get out as quickly as possible while avoiding the traps lying in ambush. Raiders will typically leave the exact same way they came in, but the second wave gives you a chance to surprise them with something they weren’t expecting.

You might notice an area of your map that seems relatively safe on the journey into the base. These are great spots to lay second wave traps, as raiders might feel too comfortable in areas like these. Essentially, you want to look for good choke points that might trip up other players.

5: Don’t be afraid to go all out

Meet Your Maker Co-Op

Meet Your Maker isn’t a subtle game by any means. There’s no reason why your bases have to be either. This is a game where spike traps, bombs, and mutant warriors are the norm. Extravagance is the name of the game.

The amount of traps you can set is only limited by the plot of land’s building specifications. Other than that, how you build your bases is entirely up to you.

Want to build a fortress of death with brutally difficult traps and enemy configurations? Go right ahead. Want narrow corridors of certain doom designed to test player patience and dexterity? It’s your Chimera-given right. There’s nothing stopping you from going all out with your bases, so build to your hearts’ content.

6: Make sure you’ve got plenty of bases running


Each base you’ve built and sent out into the wild will passively earn you resources as you play. The more bases you have running, the more genetic material you’ll earn.

You’ll need to replace your fortresses eventually, as they’ll be taken off rotation once enough players have raided it. You’re therefore encouraged to have a few bases running at any given time, as you’ll earn more resources that way.

As you go off into the wastelands raiding other bases, see what works for other players and what doesn’t. The best way to get inspired is to see what other builders have made. They can help you see things from a new perspective or inspire your next project.

7: If all these tips fail, keep trying in Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker Tips

We’ve given you plenty of tips for how to build better bases in Meet Your Maker, but the best skill you can have is persistence. Meet Your Maker promises to reward raiders than conquer everything your base throws at them.

You won’t be punished if your bases aren’t as lethal as others are. Thanks to the automated matchup system’s ranked difficulty, even simple bases are pitted against raiders seeking that level of challenge. You don’t have to worry about an expert player tearing through your fortress, unless that’s exactly what you’re aiming for.

So keep building and coming up with new ideas. Meet Your Maker encourages creativity and putting unique ideas to the test. If something doesn’t work, pull it and start again. After all, a good Custodian knows how to roll with the punches.

Put these tips to use when Meet Your Maker comes out

Home Base

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to flex your base-building muscles with these tips when Meet Your Maker hits the scene. The game will launch on April 4 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam. Your bases can be raided by anybody playing the game, regardless of console. So when the time comes, get to building the best bases you can!

Are you looking forward to Meet Your Maker? What kind of bases are you planning to build? Let us know!

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