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SEGA shows new Sonic Frontiers gameplay at Nintendo Direct Mini

Plus, learn about the Cyber Space area, Sonic's enemies and more!

Earlier today, SEGA revealed brand new information and gameplay for the upcoming Sonic Frontiers.

At Nintendo Direct Mini, SEGA showcased a short gameplay demo, highlighting the high-velocity action fans can expect. In just one minute, we can see the Blue Blur dash through challenges, take on enemies and explore Cyber Space. You can also check out the short demo for yourself below!

Sonic Frontiers gameplay

One of the interesting new details shown off in the gameplay demo is the highway-esque Cyber Space area. In a new press release, SEGA explains how entrances to this area will be scattered all throughout the map. Players will need to solve puzzles and complete challenges to earn Portal Gears to unlock the Cyber Space entrances. In addition, players also need to complete each of the Cyber Space challenges to unlock Vault Keys to progress the story.

Throughout Sonic Frontiers, players will traverse the mysterious Starfall Islands to find the Chaos Emeralds. The press release also details the first island Sonic will end up at, Kronos Island. This island, seen in the demo, features large waterfalls and mountains, as well as deep green forests. Additionally, ruins lie scattered about the land and act as homes to the ancient Koco.

The demo today also showed off some of Sonic’s unique abilities in combat. The mechanics will incorporate move combinations that require players to dodge and counter enemy attacks. As you progress, you can unlock new abilities and special moves for Sonic to perform.

One new ability is called Cyloop. This creates a band of light that mirror’s Sonic’s tracks. Players can use this ability to quickly surround enemies, items and areas to unlock the secrets of the Starfall Islands.

Sonic dashing through Cyber Space

The enemies and bosses of Sonic Frontiers

Another feature SEGA unveiled about the upcoming title is the variety of enemies the Blue Blur will encounter across the Starfall Islands. From common enemies to imposing bosses, Sonic will need to use every tool in his arsenal to defeat his foes.

One common enemy type is the soldier. These enemies usually spawn in large groups and attack by jabbing with both hands. Cyclones will also attempt to thwart Sonic. These floating enemies can cause a lot of damage with attacks that appear like electric tornadoes.

Another enemy is the Banger, a wheel-like enemy with speed to rival the Blur himself. There’s also the all-powerful shell, whose armor shields it from normal attacks and the Bubble that forms as a group of electric spheres.

Alongside the common enemies, however, are the bosses. The Ninja is a fast and fierce foe who can block incoming attacks and strike using its own shadows. In addition, Sonic will have to knock down Tower, whose body is comprised of various stacked parts. However, most intimidating may be Asura. Seen in the demo, Asura looms overhead just as if it were a tall skyscraper. Sonic will need to run up its arm to find its weakness from the top.

Sonic looking over the Open Zone of the Starfall Islands

What exactly is an “Open Zone”?

We also know a little more information now about what SEGA means when they use the strangely specific term “Open Zone”. In response to the negative fan criticism after the first gameplay teaser, Sonic Team reacted by saying that fans “don’t understand” the game.

Whether or not that’s the best PR move remains debatable. Nonetheless, it appears as though Takashi Iizuka was right in a way. As opposed to your standard open world title like Breath of the Wild, Sonic Frontiers’ Open Zone acts as a hub to travel between traditional levels. In a way, the Island operates more similarly to the castle in Super Mario 64—albeit on a significantly larger scale.

As revealed in the new gameplay details, players will need to explore the open-zone areas to solve puzzles that unlock new items, abilities and areas. In addition, the open-zone gameplay features enemy encounters, high-speed platforming and optional side quests. Yet, amongst all the freedom lies portals to linear levels that take Sonic back to his roots.

Modern Sonic with classic flavorings

About Sonic Frontiers

The latest adventure in store for the Blue Blur will take Sonic in an Open Zone environment. Combining linear aspects with non-linear exploration, SEGA promises to take Sonic to the next level. Although the first teaser didn’t reveal too much in the way of gameplay, the latest gameplay demo has fans more hopeful.

Sonic Frontiers races out to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this Holiday Season.

What do you think about the new Sonic Frontiers gameplay shown off today? Are you more hopeful? Or are you still hesitant to rush in? As always, let us know what you think down in the comments!

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