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SEGA released more details about Yakuza 6’s prologue

For Japanese gamers (and for those of you who import), Yakuza 6 will be coming out this December. Since the release date isn’t too far away, SEGA has released some more interesting details regarding Yakuza 6‘s story and gameplay. Check it out below!

Via Gematsu:

■ Prologue

A New Life

Yakuza 6

Laying before Kiryu, who rushed to the hospital, was Haruka, who was resting in the intensive care unit.

She was the victim of a hit-and-run incident on the outskirts of Kamurocho. The culprit has yet to be caught. And it is unknown if Haruka will regain consciousness…

Repeated notices of hopelessness beat down on Kiryu.

And that hopeless Kiryu was informed of even more facts. When Haruka was met by the accident, there was something that she bravely volunteered her own body to protect.

That said, Date showed Kiryu an innocent, smiling little baby. His name is Haruto Sawamura.

The baby was Haruka`s child.

To Hiroshima

Yakuza 6

Haruka’s disappearance. And then, Haruto, the child who was born during her disappearance… So then, who is Haruto’s father? Even with police investigation that remained unknown.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed that Haruka was in Hiroshima during the time of her disappearance.

Onomichi Jingaicho, an old city in the eastern part of Hiroshima… There, neither the Tojo Clan nor the Omi Alliance—the two great powers of the underworld—have any role. It is controlled by the Himei Association, an organization that carries a self-reliant attitude.

This place, where the Tojo Clan’s hand does not reach, is untrodden territory for Kiryu. Just why was Haruka in Hiroshima?

Preparing for danger, Kiryu sets out to Hiroshima with Haruto with “Onomichi” as his only clue.

Waiting for him there was a city with a peculiar townscape where common sense doesn’t apply, and the residents continue to hide something…

The Mystery’s Abyss

Yakuza 6

 In the middle of tracing Haruka’s footsteps in Onomichi Jingaicho, as well as searching for Haruto’s father, Kiryu takes on a mass of mysteries.

It had seemed that Kiryu’s life was the one being targeted, but Haruto was the one the organization tried to snatch in a frenzy. Another mystery presents itself before Kiryu.

What happened to Haruka during her appearance? Who is Haruto’s father? What is the true motive of the power targeting Haruto? And what is the secret that the people of Onomichi so earnestly hide?

Juggling various mysteries, Kiryu will step even deeper into that impenetrable territory…

(Prologue section translated by Cory Arnold.)

■ Clan Creator

What is the Clan Creator?

The new “Clan Creator” element lets Kiryu assemble his own clan as leader to do giant, team-based battles with the evil organization JUSTIS knocking about in Kamurocho and Onomichi.

Team Battles with a Large Group of People

Yakuza 6

A series first! Melee battles with one large group of people against another. Give your allies commands and lead your team to victory.

Within your allies are “gangsters” and “bosses.” Gangsters have a low sortie cost, so you can have out a lot of them, but their individual combat capabilities are low.

There are five different types of gangsters, including the balanced “Brawler,” the long-distance attacker “Pistol Soldier,” the extremely fit “Strong Arm,” the extremely high attack powered “Assault Soldier,” and the grenade-tossing “Bomber.” You can put sortie out a number of the same type of gangster.

Bosses have a high sortie cost, but high combat capability. Bosses can only be sortied one at a time, but they can change the course of battle with powerful skills. Simple commands such as triggering skills and moving are also possible.

Raise Kiryu’s Clan to be Massive

Yakuza 6

In the city, there are many bosses that will join Kiryu’s clan. By befriending them, Kiryu’s clan will continue to grow. Assemble a large amount of bosses to try and counter JUSTIS.

—Point 01.

By incorporating bosses onto your organization chart, your “Overall Influence” will increase. By increasing your Overall Influence, your sortie gauge will also increase, which will benefit you in battle. By completing missions, the Kiryu Clan’s organization level will increase and the organization chart will expand, allowing you to incorporate even more bosses into your setup.

—Point 02.

A maximum of six bosses can be sortied in battle. For each boss that can be used in battle, gangsters will also be chosen. Gangsters’ sortie costs can be lowered by skillfully organizing them with bosses, allowing you to deploy even more gangsters in battle.

—Point 03.

Within the organization chart, you can create a parent-child relationship between bosses and followers. By attaching a follower to a boss, the bosses’s capabilities will enhance by 10 percent, and the more followers a boss has, the more his strength will increase. Whether you attach followers to an attack-type boss, or to a strength-type boss, how you choose to enhance will change your bosses’ strength.

Lots of Characters Set to Appear

Yakuza 6

Popular wrestlers from New Japan Pro Wrestling will appear! The so-called “Six Lunatics” at the helm of JUSTIS block Kiryu’s path. A heated story will unfold about the Kiryu Clan, which is formed to take down the evil JUSTIS group. In addition to Majima Goro and Taiga Saejima, other familiar characters will also appear. Recruit them by all means!

Be the Strongest Kiryu Clan Online

You can take Clan Creator Online via PlayStation Network to battle against friends and other players. By uploading the defense battle formations you’ve constructed to the server, you can be automatically matched with other players. Additionally, a variety of missions, including missions on certain days of the week and limited time missions, are also being prepared. Missions will be added occasionally. You can also play Ranker Battles against the top 10 strongest users.

■ Sports Gym

Yakuza 6

Yakuza 6 has a tie-in with Rizap in its new “Sports Gym” play spot, where you can go about training through mini-games. From bench presses to jump squats, there are a total of six different types of training methods to choose from.

Yakuza 6

After training, you’ll get dietary advice from your trainer. The trainer will comment regarding a specific menu, so you should look for the corresponding menu when you want to eat. To get dietary advice, you can send a picture of a menu to your trainer. When you complete your meal, you’ll get notified from your trainer by e-mail. You can go to Rizap to get your results evaluated.

Yakuza 6

After completing a series of events with your trainer, you’ll get to evaluate your Rizap results. You’ll gain experience points based on your results, so you should actively train and commit your body to good health.

■ New Model Xperia

Yakuza 6

In Yakuza 6, Kazuma Kiryu has the new model Xperia smartphone. Everything is managed in the Xperia, including mission progress, to do lists, weapon items, and ability upgrades. Additionally, you’ll receive phone calls and e-mails from important characters, can communicate via social networking, and even take pictures with the smartphone’s camera.


Yakuza 6

Through e-mails, you’ll get important hints about progressing through the game. You can also use e-mails for side elements, such as appointments with hostesses. You can reply to senders, so e-mail is one of the game’s communication tools.

Social Networking

Yakuza 6

When trouble breaks out in the city, you’ll hear about it on social networking sites. Cooperate well with the anonymous clients who post on these websites and protect the public order of the city.


Yakuza 6

You can use the smartphone’s camera anywhere and at any time. Not only can you use the camera to capture the state of the city or passersby, but you can also use it to take selfies at famous locations. You can use the PlayStation 4’s Share feature to share your camera photographs with others.

[via Gematsu ]

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