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SEGA partners with Microsoft to bring next-gen games to the cloud

SEGA plans to use Microsoft Azure to evolve development and build a global community.

Two historical giants in the gaming industry, Microsoft and SEGA, are teaming up to bring next-generation games to the cloud.

The partnership is a strategic alliance that allows SEGA to develop large-scale games by utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. According to SEGA’s official press release, the move is part of a mid to long-term development strategy, known as “Super Game”. The Super Game initiative emphasizes creating games with a global online community. Additionally, SEGA also plans to focus on utilizing strong IPs.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud service is a powerful online development tool that can help SEGA achieve the goals of Super Game. According to Azure’s official website, the service has more global regions than any other cloud provider. Because of this, Azure allows developers to operate and scale live online games all over the world.

In addition, the cloud development tool offers a number of other features that make it highly appealing to popular studios. Aside from Microsoft-owned developers like Mojang and 343 Industries, other major companies use Azure. For example, Ubisoft uses the Autoscale feature for Rainbow Six Siege to ensure the game’s performance stays strong during periods of high demand.

How SEGA will work with Microsoft using Azure

SEGA intends to take advantage of Azure by focusing on producing next-gen games for a global audience. In the press release, SEGA notes that their goal is to evolve their company alongside the changing ecosystem of video games. One trend they point out is the advancement of sophisticated development tools that use cloud technology. Additionally, they recognize the demand to create a diverse global gaming community.

SEGA also plans to use the shift to a next-gen development platform to diversify work styles and evolve network infrastructure. The company intends to work alongside Microsoft to achieve these goals. In addition, they aim to strengthen the communication tools necessary for global online services.

Microsoft and SEGA aim to evolve the global gaming industry.

Sarah Bond, the Corporate Vice President for Microsoft, discusses how the partnership will influence the future of gaming. She believes that Microsoft and SEGA can innovate every aspect of the gaming industry.

SEGA has played such an iconic role in the gaming industry and has been a tremendous partner over the years. We look forward to working together as they explore new ways to create unique gaming experiences for the future using Microsoft cloud technologies. Together we will reimagine how games get built, hosted, and operated, with a goal of adding more value to players and SEGA alike.

Sarah Bond

Yukio Sugino, the President and COO for SEGA, emphasizes the importance of creating a global community. They plan to use the Azure software to enhance their game development and create titles that can be enjoyed worldwide.

By considering a strategic partnership with Microsoft, we seek to further advance our game development so that our titles can be enjoyed by fans all over the world; in this regard, we aim to build an alliance that utilizes both SEGA’s powerful game development capabilities and Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology and development environment.

Yukio Sugino

As technology continues to advance, the methods for developing video games evolve as well. Because of this, it will be exciting to see how SEGA uses Microsoft’s Azure software to innovate their future games. Big things certainly appear in store for SEGA fans across the world.

Via SEGA Corporation

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