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SEGA begins ‘Sonic 2020’ campaign

SEGA has begun its new Sonic campaign titled “Sonic 2020”.

Every 20th day of the month going forward, SEGA will reveal new information and plans about Sonic. The beginning stages has a new webpage dedicated to the campaign available on Sonic’s Japan website. As of now, the page consists of icons, wallpapers, and headers that are free to download. They are also taking fan art applications and will continue their monthly calendar quiz.

While there is still speculation on theĀ working title that was announced last year at SXSW, maybe this campaign will be driven by the announcement of that title soon. Whether it will be this year or for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary in 2021 is still left in the air.

You can see everything on the official Sonic website.

Diego Agado Jr.

Currently a student at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Fan of Sonic and SEGA. Location: Probably in bed.
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