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SEGA begins new 60th Anniversary ‘Retrospective’ series

As SEGA continues its campaign for their 60th anniversary, they decided to go down memory lane and begin a new video series which highlights some of SEGA’s most popular games.

The first game to get this treatment is Crazy Taxi. Originally released in 1999 as an arcade cabinet, it went on to be one of SEGA’s wacky installments as it made its debut on the Dreamcast a year later. Over the next two decades, Crazy Taxi made the jump to mobile and was later inducted to SEGA Forever’s lineup.

The retrospective goes through each installment, noting the new characters that were present in their respective games. All while Offsprings “All I Want” plays in the background, a notable song that is featured in the first game.

Like mentioned before, this is the first video in a lineup showing SEGA’s history and more will be coming in the later months. But for now, just have some fun with Crazy Taxi!

Diego Agado Jr.

Currently a student at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Fan of Sonic and SEGA. Location: Probably in bed.
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