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SEGA, Atlus’ E3 2017 floor plans have leaked

I’m not exactly sure why, but we always freak out around this time a year when the E3 floor plans are revealed. I guess it’s always our hope that SEGA’s booth will get bigger and potentially rival that of Nintendo’s or Sony’s like in the good ol’ days. 

Obviously, that hasn’t been the case for some time now, but hey, it’s just good that SEGA’s going to be at E3 at all, right? Anyway, a partially completed E3 floor plan that’s been posted on the E3 website has been revealed, and it shows that once again SEGA of America and Atlus will share a booth next to SEGA of Europe’s.

At first glance, you might raise an eyebrow seeing the two SEGA branches in separate booths, but it’s actually been this way for awhile now as SOE’s booth primarily features PC games, while SOA and Atlus has the Personas, Sonics and Puyo Puyos. Last year, SEGA wasn’t even listed in the Atlus booth, so I suppose that is some improvement.

It appears SOE’s booth will be slightly larger than SEGA and Atlus’ booth, so it will be interesting to see if this means SOE will have more games to show or just bigger structures and promotional material. Both booths will be right across the aisle from Sony’s massive floor space and down the hall from Nintendo’s. 

Also, one point to look out for is whether Deep Silver, which now publishes SOA and Atlus titles in Europe, will have any of those games at their booth, like the upcoming Persona 5.

[Via NeoGAF]

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