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SEGA, Arcade1up to deliver Golden Axe, Altered Beast arcade

Ha! Now the Golden Axe is in your hand!

Arcade1up has made a name for itself in recent years by delivering quality 3/4 sized arcade machines at wallet-friendly prices. While their initial launch of arcades had some issues, they’ve improved considerably with later releases. Recently, they released a four-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Wars arcade cabinets, which were popular with fans.

Yesterday, Arcade1up announced this year’s line-up of arcades at CES 2020. The biggest surprise is a partnership with SEGA to release a Golden Axe branded arcade unit, which will include Shinobi, Altered Beast, Wrestle Wars and Golden Axe: Revenge of the Death Adder.

Additionally, they also announced a Burger Time special edition. The new cabinet features a 17-inch, full-color display, a light-up marquee, original artwork with a matching riser, and three additional games: Karate Champ, Bad Dudes and Caveman Ninja. Burger Time is available for pre-order and will be a limited release with only 3,000 cabinets being manufactured.

A new NBA Jam cabinet is also in the works and will feature online functionality “allowing users to play with other Arcade1up cabinets in drop-in style games.” The online features are expected to be exclusive to North America and will also include NBA Jam Tournament Edition and NBA Hang Time.

Arcade1up also announced its partnership with Zen Studios in releasing 3/4 scale pinball machines “including titles from Bally/Williams and other yet to be announced, big names in the pinball space.”

Arcade1up closed with its plan to release a line of collectibles that will include plug-and-play controllers, full-sized joysticks, and more. No word on when we will see these products, but Arcade1up states it has partnered with Disney, Namco, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Commodore 64, Atari and more. Maybe that means we’ll finally see the Retro VGS come to life…

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