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Scorn to release a week early

Prepare to explore a living bio-labyrinth, to learn its rules, and uncover the secrets that lay within.

We’ve been waiting for Scorn for a long time now. The survival horror game initially began development around the time of Ebb Software’s foundation in 2013. Subsequently announced in 2014, the game followed up with two Kickstarters to support its development. With an announcement of Scorn’s release date coming early, the game couldn’t be any closer after nearly 10 years of waiting.


Scorn is an atmospheric first-person survival horror. Boasting “odd forms” and “somber tapestry”, the game is designed around the idea of being “thrown into the world.” In an unsettling, eerie environment, explore different unique locations. The environment appears dream-like, a place that isolates you. As a nonlinear game, each region contains its own theme, puzzles, and characters.

The open-ended world features maze-like structures, making you navigate different paths and rooms. Because they want you to feel truly immersed in the game, it features no cutscenes. However, keep your eyes peeled for anything important you may miss on your journey….

Additionally, you’ll need different skill sets under your belt. No single playstyle guarantees you’ll make it out of Scorn alive. Your loadout is limited, meaning you’ll need to be hyper-aware as you explore the world and story the game has. Acquire different skills, weapons, and items on your way; however, there may be times when you need to turn and hide as opposed to fight.

The new release date

In just two weeks from now, the game can be yours! Scorn releases October 14, 2022, an entire week earlier than the originally planned October 21 release date. Having a game come early as opposed to being delayed is a rarity. It comes to PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GoG, and Xbox Series X|S. It will be available day one with Xbox Game Pass. Are you ready to immerse yourself in this dark, haunting game?

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