Sasha Darko is re-releasing Sacred Line Genesis for Steam on June 1st

Last year, Sasha Darko released a visual novel game for the SEGA Genesis called Sacred Line. The game follows a private detective living in Eastern Europe who receives a mysterious message right before the detective decides to close down her practice. Sasha Darko has decided to re-release Sacred Line Genesis and add a couple of extra features , which you can check out below.

(From Steam)

PC Version Features / Differences

  • The new version is entirely kinetic and features Normal ending only
  • Completely different engine with the completely different GUI
  • Save / Load system
  • Higher resolution graphics: original 576p stillshots were used instead of the compressed original 240p ones
  • High quality music + new tracks which were removed from the original due to ROM size limit
  • Includes French translation of the game (the original was English-only)

Sacred Line Genesis Remix is scheduled to come out tomorrow. If you’re interested in trying it out yourself when it comes out, click here!


Via Steam 

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