Sakura Wars and PUBG crossover event revealed

There’s no shortage of bizarre crossovers these days, with SEGA ever the contributor (Sonic in Fist of the North Star a personal highlight). So, with a 25th anniversary to celebrate, Sakura Wars has stepped up to join the crossover craze with popular battle royale PUBG Mobile.

A short teaser styled after the next episode preview’s seen in the original game popped up on PUBG’s Japanese Twitter page. The news comes right off the back of the Japan only mobile spin-off game Sakura Kakumei closing its servers, although it’s good to see that SEGA are still celebrating the series 25th anniversary even if it’s not quite how we imagined.

So, what can we expect from this crossover? It’s not yet clear, other than the event existing there’s not much else we know. It’s also unclear if this event will release outside of Japan, but given the lack of coverage from other PUBG accounts, it seems likely this will remain in Japan only.

What do you think of this Sakura Wars crossover? Do you think it is fitting or would you have preferred something else? Be sure to let us know.

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George Boulos

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