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Rumour: New 2D Sonic game allegedly in the works from Sonic Team

Time to bust out the tinfoil hats, lads and lasses (unless you have a little bit more cash to work with, in which case a full-on aluminum bunker might work better). It’s rumour season again. Yep, those times where news on everyone’s favourite franchises has gotten just thin enough on the ground that we’re more susceptible to believing tosh we’d otherwise dismiss out of hand. See, we become so desperate for one mere scrap of information that enterprising ‘leakers’ find themselves in the perfect spot to strike. On an unrelated note, we haven’t heard much about any upcoming Sonic games lately, have we?

Details about the rumour

Oh, and what’s that? A new 2D Sonic game has ‘leaked’! Coincidence? Must be. Per NintendoLife, “a new 2D entry to the long-running Sonic the Hedgehog series is reportedly in development at SEGA.” The intel comes courtesy of alleged insider Zippo, who’s had a spotty track record in this department, but has scored just enough (lucky, accidental?) hits to ensure people continue to grudgingly acknowledge them when they pipe up. As for me, call me a grumpy curmudgeon, but until we get an announcement, I’m believing squat. Diddly squat.

Sonic Forces screenshot
Then again, the entire concept and plot to Forces leaked almost two years in advance and I refused to believe it, so you’d think I would have learned.

“If rumours of a new entry are true, it will be the first 2D Sonic game developed solely by Sonic Team in quite some time,” notes the report, which is indeed the case. Discounting partially-2D efforts like Colors and Generations, third-party handheld games like Advance and Rush, and the independently developed Mania, the last 2D Sonics made totally in-house dates back to the 90s. Supposedly, “the new game is reportedly a follow-up to the Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush games,” and you’ll “be able to play as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, making this the first ‘modern’ entry to feature all three playable characters since 2004’s Sonic Advance 3.” Uh. Report? What are 2006, Mania, Black Knight, and all the Sonic Boom games, all of which featured precisely such a lineup of playable characters, then?

Moderate inaccuracies aside, I guess it remains to be seen just how true Zippo’s claims are. Would you be interested in a new native 2D Sonic, or would you like the ‘hog to stick to the third dimension? Let us know!

Via, NintendoLife.

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