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RetroBit announce new Big6 SEGA Genesis controller

Retooling and reselling classic retro games controllers to modern audiences is a bit of a roaring market. Everybody from Nintendo to SEGA to Sony are at it, and so are a whole host of third party companies. Gone are the days when these smaller manufacturers would simply attempt to rip off the design of whatever the current console was, usually using cheap hollow plastic, and sell it to consumers at a markdown. In this age, nostalgia’s where it’s at, and so we’re seeing an influx of third party retro-inspired controllers. Such is the case with the newly-announced Big6 Genesis pad, made by RetroBit; though this has the added bonus of actually having a touch from the official head honcho themselves, SEGA. The two companies have partnered to deliver an innovative USB controller that melds old n’ new.

The megaphone is a nice touch. Lets you emulate a shouty man in your head.

“Since 2019, our partnership with SEGA has allowed us to learn and grow with the community with each release,” states RetroBit’s press release. “A question we often would get was to release other controllers by SEGA, most notably the original MK-1650 3-button arcade pad from the original console release. It was through our extensive feedback from our fans that our developers began planning for a new controller based on that original design. We looked at all its features and added the 6-button layout while maintaining the wide, familiar grip that fans enjoyed.”

More than Big6 features

The Big6 rocks all the buttons you’ll recall from your sticky childhood days, as well as that comforting rounded, plastic casing. The new bells and whistles include an interchangeable USB cable, and some extra buttons for when you want to play with it on literally anything other than an OG Genesis or Mega Drive – which, naturally, it’s compatible with. Because after all, modern games certainly require more than three buttons. Can you imagine a Breath of the Wild run like that? I ask you. The very notion.

Big6 Retrobit history
Nice to see the whole history laid out for us. Like a SEGA Alexandrian library.

The Big6 is now available for a recommended retail price of $19.99, via pre-order from RetroBit’s official site and assorted other retailers. Its ETA is October 2022. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to chuck your now thirty-plus year old Genesis controller, no doubt caked in sweat and pop, this very well could be it. You filthy things, you.

Will you be picking up a RetroBit Big6? Are you impressed by it? Let us know!

Via, RetroBit.

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