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Retro-Bit Gaming unveils four classic Toaplan titles for the SEGA Genesis

While SEGA is pulling out all the stops for Gamescom 2019 with fully functioning Sega Mega Drive Minis, a playable demo of Catherine: Full Body, and a sneak peak to the newly announced Humankind, Retro-Bit Gaming has proved that support for the classic Sega Genesis hasn’t died out.

As per a surprise post on their twitter page, Retro-Bit has announced the release of four classic Toaplan side-scrolling shoot ‘em ups for the SEGA Genesis: Fire Shark, Hellfire, Truxton, and Zero Wing. While the specific street dates remain unknown, its implied that the reprints for Fire Shark, Truxton, and Zero Wing should be available in Q4 2019. Hellfire is expecting a 2020 release.

Along the Toaplan quartet, Retro-Bit also revealed that a licensed reprint of Mega Man: The Wily Wars will finally be coming to the states. The Wily Wars was infamously known as one of the few Mega Man titles that didn’t have an official release in the US and could only be played on the SEGA Channel – that is, until it was announced for the SEGA Genesis Mini back in May 2019.

Retro-Bit wrapped up this exciting news with allowing players to test out the SEGA Mega Drive 6-Button Arcade Pads with USB support. These controllers will also be compatible with the SEGA Genesis Mini.

Christopher Wenzel

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