Report: Team Ninja is making a Final Fantasy ‘Souls’ style game

Final Fantasy is looking to step into Souls territory, according to recent rumors. According to Fanbyte, Square Enix is set to reveal an exciting new Final Fantasy game at E3. Reportedly developed by Team Ninja, this spinoff title features core mechanics from Nioh. Unlike Nioh or the Souls series, this title aims to be more accessible for players. It is also being developed by the same team who brought you Dissidia NT.

According to Fanbyte’s sources, the rumored game somewhere in the world of the first Final Fantasy game for NES. There’s also a title attached to the rumor: Final Fantasy Origin. There was a game from Square with a similar name on the PlayStation One, but that was a remastered collection of the first two FF games.

Many things can change between now and June 12th, but we can expect Square Enix’s announcement at the three-day event. Like Team Ninja’s previous release schedules for the Nioh games, we could see an alpha for Origin as early as this summer. It’s rumored to be the goriest game ever in the series’ history.

The rumor claims Final Fantasy Origin will be a timed exclusive for PlayStation 5. A PC release would come at a later date. We’re over a week away from E3, so all will be revealed then!

What do you hope to see from this game by Square Enix and Team Ninja? Are you a fan of games like Nioh or Dark Souls? Share your thoughts with us below!

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