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Postal Redux cuts a bloody path to Limited Run pre-orders

Feeling a wee bit overstressed? Do you see crazed weapon packing foes around every corner? If so, you’re stuck in a video game, Postal to be exact. Check now to see if you’re “the Postal Dude.” We’ll wait…If you’re not in Postal, we recommend possibly getting more sleep. Or pre-ordering Postal Redux through Limited Run Games, available now through April 17.

Crazy or just Postal Redux?

Postal Redux is the HD remake of the original isometric top-down shooter. The controversial game features a protagonist known only as the Postal Dude, who for whatever reason one day, goes completely bonkers. Believing his town is overran by forces infected with a biological plague, he goes on a bloody rampage throughout various location around his area.

Originally, the game concluded with Postal Dude attempting to fire upon an elementary school, only to be end up in an asylum. However, due to the horrific mass school shootings repeatedly happening in the US, the Redux version replaced this ending with a more enigmatic ending with no school shooting, a reference to Ghost of Christmas Future, and possible asylum breaks by Postal Dude.

Postal Redux includes new areas for more mayhem, including the Carnival. Credit: Steam.

Along with the new ending, Postal Redux added a new area- the Carnival, and a Rampage mode. It also includes all add-ons from Postal like Shanty Town, La Palomino Resort and Super POSTAL’s Tokyo, and a massive array of weapons for constant bloodshed.

More Postal, more options!

This is not the first rerelease for Postal Redux. It arrived on PC in 2016, Nintendo Switch in 2020 and PlayStation in 2021. The original source code was also released as an open source in 2016, by developers Running with Scissors. They simply asked for a promise that someone “port it to the Dreamcast.”

That version is set for release on June 2, 2022, from Wave Game Studios.

High body counts and an insane amount of firepower leaves a bloody path. Credit: Steam.

Limited Run Games is offering both the PS4/5 and Switch region-free physical versions for $34.99 USD each. Pre-orders will close at 11:59 pm on April 17, 2022. For those who are looking for the digital copies, check out on Steam, PlayStation and Nintendo’s digital stores. Prices range from $4.99 to $8.99. The PC version also included up to 4 players co-op options.

Do you have fond memories of playing Postal? Share them with us!

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