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Polymega officially launches worldwide on September 12th

Polymega fans, it’s been a long time coming. We initially reported on the fascinating console in 2018, when we got our hands on it at E3. For those who don’t know what the Polymega is, this bad boy is a modular HD retro gaming console. The Element Modules are essentially attachments to the core Polymega console which allow you to insert your classic cartridges and play or upload them as you wish.

These modules also come with controller ports that could work with your classic controllers. The core console features a built-in optical drive that lets you play your retro, disc-based games without all of the confusing configuration.

Everyone was super excited to get their hands on the Polymega, until the shipment delay stories started pouring in. The HD retro console faced numerous delays, with manufacturer Playmaji citing supply shortages and communication issues with their shipping partners. Today, Polymega and Playmaji officially announce a worldwide release date: September 12th.

Polymega ultimate edition

Pasadena, CA — Playmaji, Inc. today announced the firm worldwide release date of September 12th, 2021 for its highly anticipated POLYMEGA® Modular Game Console. The release is for customers who pre-ordered their systems via polymega.com between September 2018 and April 2020.

Playmaji will begin fulfillment of Bundles, Base Units, Module Sets, and accessories to customers (in the order received) starting on September 12th and will complete fulfillment by the end of October 2021. Products will ship worldwide from Playmaji in California, so those expecting to receive their items should allow 1-3 weeks for shipping depending on where they live.

Polymega, Playmaji

The company plans to launch their digital game store this Holiday season, and increase their production in the console in 2022. If you pre-ordered the Polymega after April 2020, partial shipments will start in September from international distributors and continue through Q1 2022.

If you ordered the console in late 2020 and 2021 through their official website, these shipments will be delayed to “the first half of 2022.” If you think you will change your address in the next couple of months, you can email support@playmaji.com or send a message through the contact form on polymega.com.

Via Polymega.com

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