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Despite ongoing issues Polymega release is ‘still on track’

With a planned release date of February 2021, there has been some ongoing issues facing the company. The political protests in Myanmar are looking like a reason for the production standstill. This wasn’t the start of it all; Back in January, Polymega made a blog post regarding to the issues between them and retail chain Wal-Mart.

So, we’re taking matters into our own hands now. Since we have no visibility into who or how many people have ordered Polymega Consoles or Accessories from Walmart.com,  please let your friends know to change their preorders over to our website, and we will fulfill them directly to them as soon as possible. We will provide a precise timeline once we know exactly how many are ordered, but they will likely be fulfilled in April-May 2021 given the ballpark numbers we did get before Walmart went dark on us.


Now to add more drama to the matter Playmaji LLC failed to pay their business license in the state of California. They need to clear this up before they ship out, or take any more orders on the Polymega.

Nintendo Life contacted Playmaji, who responded with the following statement:

Polymega is still shipping but its coming out slower than expected from our Myanmar factory due to the protests that are happening. The modules and controllers are made in China, while the console is assembled in Myanmar. The timing is changing daily which is why we haven’t announced anything concrete yet. We are still on track to ship everything here over the next few weeks.


We’ll keep you posted on the latest Polymega news right here on Mega Visions.

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