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Polymega Dreamcast compatibility in the works says company CEO

Electric Playground’s Victor Lucas recently visited Playmaji HQ to talk with Bryan Bernal, one of the key figures behind the Polymega – the modular retro console. The two discuss a range of topics, including launching a console during a pandemic, the importance of preservation and skinning hamsters. However, the topic that particularly interested us was the possibility of Polymega Dreamcast compatibility.

Currently, the Polymega is compatible with the SEGA Saturn, SEGA CD, PlayStation, Neo Geo CD, TurboGrafx CD. There are also expansion modules that add NES, SNES, Genesis 32X and TG-16.

Polymega intro

Is Polymega Dreamcast compatibility possible?

“Lots of people want Dreamcast, and lots of people want Game Boy, as well,” Bernal said. “We’re working on that. We have been vetting it basically from day one and looking at different mechanisms from which you can get at the types of data on the GD-ROM.”

“The media is completely different and there were specialized drives that were made for the Dreamcast,” Bernal continued.

As Bernal points out, the SEGA Dreamcast didn’t have a DVD drive included when it was released. Instead, it used a proprietary disc format called the GD-ROM, which provided higher storage capacity compared to the a CD-ROM.

“Would that be a module you’d have to put on or a software update,” Lucas asked.

“There’s ideas at the moment, “Bernal said. “My understanding is that it will be challenging to get a normal DVD or Blu-ray drive … to read a GD-ROM disc. But there’s more than one way to skin a … hamster. [laughs] We’re always thinking outside the box.”

We can’t argue the importance for thinking outside the box, but skinning hamsters?!? ? Bernal finished the topic with a possible solution for adding Polymega Dreamcast compatibility.

Polymega Nintendo 64 Console

Everyone who owns a Dreamcast “has a Dreamcast compatible drive,” Bernal said. “Maybe we could do something with being able to plug in an original Dreamcast and load it in that way. We’re coming up with ideas, but it’s [to be determined] at the moment.”

Bernal said he expects the recently announced Nintendo 64 module and the Polymega lightgun, known as the GC01 Gun Controller, to launch in 2022.

We’d love to hear what you think about Polymega Dreamcast compatibility in the comments below!

Chris Powell

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