Persona 5 Joker figure confirmed for release in 2022

The hype around Persona 5 and the Persona 25th anniversary never stops! There have been so many announcements regarding the event that it would be easy to lose track of everything. But now, we have another confirmation for the figure collectors out there. 

Lucrea has finally shown off the Persona 5 Joker figure and has certified it will be available for pre-order! Pre-orders will begin at 8 PM PST on January 7th. The cost will be ¥18,700 (about $161 before shipping) and will ship in August 2022. You can check out screenshots below of the figure.

Like most Lucrea figures, the Persona 5 Joker figure will come with customizable parts. You can take off Joker’s mask or keep it on. You’ll also be able to swap arms to hold his signature weapons, such as his knife or handgun. The figure will come on a transparent stand and measure around 9 inches tall. It looks like a magnificent figure to have for any fan of the franchise. And fans should appreciate that Premium Bandai took their time crafting this Lucrea as much as they could.

Persona 5 and the enhanced edition Royal are available now on PS4/5. Are you going to try to get the Joker Lucrea figure? Let us know below!

Via Siliconera

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