Persona 25 Anniversary kicks off with new merch and fan favorites vote

ATLUS Persona 25th anniversary celebration officially kicked off on September 20. As promise, ATLUS has already given fans some great news, with much more to come. So, what’s happening? Here’s the rundown of announcements and events we know so far. 

Shopping sprees, anyone?

Shop Atlus will open in October, with a new shop front and shipping worldwide. Exclusive Persona 25 Anniversary merchandise will be available as part of their beta launch, with new collections rolling out soon afterwards. In addition to Persona, collections from Shin Megami Tensei and Catherine are slated for release.  

Speaking of merch, Good Smile Company announce it is re-releasing its Persona figures in 2022. Three protagonists will be available to fans in Japan in July, with North Americans following in September 2022.  

This will be the fourth release for Makoto Yuki (Persona 3) and third release each for Hero figma Yu Narukami (Persona 4 Arena Ultimate) and Akira “Joker” Kurusu (Persona 5). Each figure comes with individualized accessories, such as costumes, weapons, Joker’s Morgana kitty form and Yu’s Aigis figma. Pre-orders of Yu will include an alternate jacket. They will retail for $70.99 USD each. Pre-Orders are open now! 

Need something a bit freer? Atlus’s website has gorgeous digital wallpapers available for download. Bright, colorful and stylized, the nine posters showcase different characters from each of the iconic schools.  

Concerts, Showcases and more!

As this is a yearlong celebration stretching out until October 2022, there is much to anticipate. We know of a few events already announced for Japan, with some livestreaming possible around the world.  

-September 19: Atlus’ Celebratory video narrated by Persona 5’s Morgana 

-October 3: Tokyo Game Show 2021 will stream a mini live as part of Sega and Atlus showcase. 

-November 21:  An orchestra concert dedicated to the series at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall.

-All Persona anime are available in Japan on streaming sites.  

-Recordings of all of the Persona stage productions and live concerts will be distributed online. Persona 5 the Stage #3 will premier in December 2021 in Japan. 

More goodies are on the horizon, with speculation of Persona 6 on many fans’ minds. The next big announcement is due in December. 

Fan Favorites

As a sweet kick off for the anniversary celebration, PlayStation Japan invited fans to vote for their favorite character from Persona 5. Over 48,000 votes came in with some rather neck in neck results. However, when it was all said and done, the protagonist, fondly known as Joker in the metaverse claimed the fan favorite crown, gaining over 9,800 votes. Makoto “Queen” Niijima and Goro “Crow” Akechi filled out the top three with over 7,000 votes each.

Do you agree? Who is your favorite in the game? The whole series? 

Of course, as the celebration is just beginning, we will have continuing coverage of the events, announcements and merch. So, stay tuned and play on! 

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