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Peep this new Rodea: The Sky Soldier 3DS trailer

Rodea: The Sky Soldier, the upcoming Wii U and 3DS co-developed title by Yuji Naka’s Prope and Kadokawa Games, will release in Japan next week on April 2.

While we only know that the Western release will come to us this fall courtesy of publisher NIS America, Kadokawa Games was nice enough to release a new trailer for the 3DS version that shows a couple new characters Rodea will encounter on his journey.

We also learned, courtesy of Dengeki Online, that Rodea is just one of several flying, humanoid robots that emperor Giado of Naga commissioned to be created in his plan to wage war against his fellow countries on the planet Garuda. The R-series of robots began with Rodea, but four others were created.

It appears that at some point Rodea malfunctioned, losing his memory, becomes a good guy and must battle his former allies to save the planet from Giado. Sounds a bit like a certain Capcom game, doesn’t it?

[Via Dengeki Online]

Chris Powell

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