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Panzer Dragoon Remake: Here are the facts so far

Last December, Forever Entertainment announced Panzer Dragoon and its sequel would be getting remakes. During the June Nintendo Direct, a new trailer for Panzer Dragoon on Switch was revealed, along with a winter release window.

There has been a bunch of information on the Panzer Dragoon Remake, and our friends at Panzer Dragoon World (@PanzDragWorld) have compiled a list of facts on the game so far.

  • Forever Entertainment pitched SEGA about making a Panzer Dragoon game, they love to work on existing IPs. Being in Japan frequently, the discussions finally came to a point where SEGA gave the green light.
  • The dev teams were amazed by the response of the fans on social networks.
  • Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Remake is already in production but the focus is on the first game right now due to production milestones.
  • In terms of faithfulness, the team aims at a 1 for 1 in terms of gameplay and story. They will improve the graphics. Some “mods” will be added to enhance the experience as optional features. Some cosmetic settings will also be added as options.
  • The original games were designed with the limitations of the hardware in mind. These do not exist anymore so one of the challenges is to stay true to the original game while also attracting new players. Regarding the desolation aspect of the original, Benjamin Anseaume stated that it is impossible to sell a game with empty scenarios in 2019. The dev team is making choices and adding its own spices. For instance in the original game there were a few scarce columns of the palace. In the remake, these columns are falling.
  • The original game being short, this specific aspect is a challenge for the team. One of the answers to this is to reflect on the price. It won’t be a $60 game.
  • SEGA has oversight of the progress of the remakes (monthly builds, feedback) and is very involved. SEGA gave artistic materials. Technical materials like source code are not needed since the game is being remade
  • Things like sounds, voices, cut scenes, will be finalized later, once the feel of the game is satisfying to the dev team. The goal is to stay true to the original.
  • The music will feature two options: The original score and a remastered version
  • Panzer Dragoon Remake is made in Unity
  • The game was revealed during a Nintendo Direct, but it was not confirmed as a Switch exclusive. The team cannot comment on whether it is exclusive or not
  • The game will be released physically on the Switch. Forever Entertainment is working to get a publisher.
  • A team of 50 people is working on the remake
  • The Switch version will feature 1080p docked and 720p portable resolutions

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