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Nobody Saves the World coming to Xbox Game Pass

The developers of Guacamelee! state this is their biggest game yet!

Drinkbox Studios announced yesterday on Twitter that Nobody Saves the World will launch on Xbox Game Pass on Jan. 18.

The developers, known for Guacamelee!, state their new game is the biggest game they ever made. Nobody Saves the World is an action-packed co-op RPG. Throughout the game, your character will take on different Forms. Each Form has its own unique mechanics that shift gameplay. You can watch the trailer below.

Nobody Saves the World trailer

Drinkbox Studios also promises the new game’s player progression system eliminates the tedious grinding associated with the RPG genre. Instead, players will unlock new abilities by completing necessary in-game quests. In addition, these quests offer a variety of gameplay scenarios, ranging from clearing a dungeon to simply cheering up a “fellow rabbit-lover.”

You can also unlock new Forms by completing certain quests. The Form you use will change gameplay and offer your character different strengths and weaknesses. In addition, players can customize Forms by swapping their abilities with each other.

Other features include a smart dungeon generation system that procedurally changes difficulty based on player ability, as well as online multiplayer co-op. In addition, Nobody Saves the World promises awesome music with a soundtrack created by Sword and Sworcery composer Jim Guthrie.

Nobody Saves the World launches on Jan. 18 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. In addition, Game Pass subscription holders can play it on day one. You can also wishlist the game on Steam now.

Are you excited for Nobody Saves the World? Let us know down in the comments!

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