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Nintendo Switch Pro price allegedly leaked

More news on the elusive Nintendo Switch Pro has recently leaked out! French retailer Boulanger leaked some images about the not-yet-announced hybrid console. They are joining Amazon India in quickly removing the privileged information. However, even though they removed the listing the internet never forgets.

With the price point of €399, it’s assumed that it will be close to the cost in North America as well. The rumor is the Nintendo Switch Pro will offer 4K resolution while docked and 720p in portable mode. If the rumors are true, the Nintendo Switch Pro will feature NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling Technology (or DLSS for short). Briefly, DLSS uses AI to upscale low-resolution images to make older games appear crisp and modern. The leaks also mention an OLED monitor is being produced by Samsung, putting it on par with most smartphones and computer monitors released for the gaming market (the PlayStation Vita also had one). If it turns out that this information is true, we may be looking at shelling out a few more bucks for this premium system.

More alleged “proof” of a Switch Pro comes from Reddit User /u/TheWeeknd who released the Boulanger store page with a Nintendo Switch Pro console in their cart. Please note that this is NOT confirmed as the new Switch. However, if this image is eventually confirmed, it can explain the potential of the $400 price tag.

Via Fossbytes.

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