Nintendo hits YouTube channel with over 1,300 copyright blocks for their OSTs

YouTuber GilvaSunner is well known for uploading soundtracks from Nintendo games in an accessible way, because Nintendo won’t. Yet, once again, the channel has been struck by Nintendo’s copyright claims. With over 1,300 copyright blocks, Nintendo took down a large portion of the OSTs and may be putting GilvaSunner on the chopping block

If you’re a Nintendo fan, I don’t think you’ll be shocked by this in the slightest. Yet, it feels infuriating to see every single time it happens. GilvaSunner began documenting the endless claims back in August 2019. He’s been steadily updating it over the years, with the most recent strike being just a few days ago on January 29, 2022.

Earlier in 2020 when it happened the first time, GilvaSunner added his thoughts to the situation.

“I’m also not angry or surprised that Nintendo is doing this, but I do think it’s a bit disappointing there is hardly an alternative. If Nintendo thinks this is what needs to be done (to set an example), I will let them take down the channel. It is their content after all.”

For me, I highly agree with his sentiments. Other video game companies happily upload their soundtracks in a far more accessible way. Square Enix uploaded the entire Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack to Spotify, as did other games like NieR: Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn. However, Nintendo likes to be outside the norm. Fans just want to listen to their music in an easier way, but unless you’re jamming out in the Smash Ultimate music player, you’re out of luck.

We just want to listen to your OSTs, Nintendo

Nintendo copyright needs to learn to loosen up a little. It seems unfortunate to block one of the only ways for fans to easily enjoy music from their favorite games. If they were to offer much better alternatives to enjoy their fantastic soundtracks, then the problem wouldn’t feel as large. But right now, all we can hope is that GilvaSunner’s account won’t go down in flames once again.

Erin Vieira

Writer, artist, cosplayer, D&D player, Final Fantasy lover, and Bayonetta enthusiast Erin Vieira says that although they were born amongst mortals, someday they will exist as an unknown entity of the void. There will still be video games there, of course.
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