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New Sonic Adventure 2 mod makes ‘Burger Man’ statue playable

The Sonic the Hedgehog fandom can perhaps best be described as … divided. At the rosiest of times. “This game sucks!” yells one contingent, while another arms themselves for internet war in rabid defense of that very same game. In many ways, it’s understandable – the hedgehog has been around for so long, and has dabbled in so many disparate genres (racing, brawlers, erm, Arthurian legend) that every fan has their own unique perspective on what the brand should be. Makes one’s brain boil like a bubbling vat of chili dog sauce.

Still, there’s one Sonic experience that most gamers would agree is pretty universal, to the point where it’s a beloved injoke among the community. In Sonic Adventure DX, a side quest in Station Square – the game’s metropolitan, free-roaming hub – sees you delivering a statue of a man to a burger joint. Sounds simple enough, but what makes it hysterical is the fact this statue can be taken anywhere and totally abused: put in front of oncoming traffic, chucked into the ocean, lobbed down a manhole, all while the bloke just stands there, rigidly and stoically taking the beating like a champ.

I imagine much steam was let off in this way by kids in the 2000s, so the statue has more than earned his place in the annals of Blue Blur history. It helps add to the comedic value that he looks like a slightly tubbier Colonel Mustard crossbred with the KFC guy.

Just look at that pose. Dude is begging for help, immobile and powerless in this cruel dimension.

All this brings us to a particular fan mod of that game’s follow-up, Sonic Adventure 2, which finally promotes this fan favorite character (object? Thing?) to a starring role. Thanks to Sonic modder Chaomix, and as TheGamer reports, “you will be able to play through the entirety of Sonic Adventure 2 as him instead, showing him more respect than any of us have done before.” Now that’s just not fair. I always took him to the burger joint, as requested – after having drowned him, of course.

The fittingly titled Burgerman Adventure 2 mod “does just what you’d expect – it brings the statue to life and adds him to your party. He takes the role of Sonic, meaning you’ll speed through all the fast-paced platforming levels with him instead.” Part of me wishes we could have done the Knuckles stages with him instead, if only for the potential gold that would be seeing him climbing about and digging.

If you were hoping for a new Sonic game this year, maybe this’ll go a little of the way in abating your disappointment. And once you’re done, why not pop to Burger King? I’m sure they’ve got a statue of that horrifying mascot you can tear to shreds.

Will you be playing this mod? Do you have any memories with the Burgerman? Let us know!

Via, TheGamer.

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