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New rumor suggests PS5 State of Play will be held in February

Hogwarts Legacy is rumored to be showcased.

According to leaker Tom Henderson, Sony will likely hold their next major event next month. Henderson also suggests the event will likely be State of Play.

In a recent Tweet, Henderson states the rumor is based on media events from this month, as well as previous dates for PlayStation events. Last year, Sony also held a State of Play event in February. And in 2020, while they did not hold State of Play in February, they did appear at PAX East that month.

Henderson also adds that the event, “has the potential to be a pretty big one.” In the thread, Henderson also eludes to the inclusion of Harry Potter-themed RPG Hogwarts Legacy. After one user replied asking about the game, Henderson responded with the, “pretty big” statement from the initial post.

Henderson elaborates on the State of Play rumors

In a YouTube video posted yesterday, Henderson further elaborated on the Sate of Play leak. One reason Henderson sites for the likelihood of news surrounding Hogwarts Legacy is the positive reception Warner Bros. received toward the cast reunion on New Years. In addition, Henderson also cites the expected release window of Q3 to Q4 this year.

Henderson also states in the video that Sony will also likely hold another major event in March. He believes the primary reason for this second event will be to announce plans for the latter half of 2022. Notably, he mentions that Sony will probably reserve information on God of War Ragnarok until then. You can watch the full video below.

Although Henderson’s leaks, such as the GTA Remastered trilogy, have proven reliable in the past, it’s worth taking these rumors in with a grain of salt. As of now, Sony made no official confirmation towards either February’s possible State of Play or March’s other speculated event.

Do you think Sony will hold the next State of Play event in February? If so, what games do you think they’ll showcase? As always, give us your thoughts down in the comments!

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